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I was doing student teaching today and a kid said to me, “Did you know that Joe Biden kills babies?”. I ignored her. I also noticed her displaying a sticker on her laptop that said “I accepted Jesus in my heart”. Am I the only one who finds that disturbing? These parents have indoctrinated this kid. Sigh

inigomontoya 6 Oct 26

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Seems the gullibility of religionists have no limit.


Their church does too no surprise

bobwjr Level 10 Oct 26, 2021

I would be more than disturbed if your story was coming from anywhere other than the USA…but sadly it has become quite commonplace to hear such stories of distorted reality being believed by large numbers of people…especially on the conservative right, but sadly not only by evangelical Christians. I believe I may have even read some similar nonsense about Biden here on this site, posted by certain conservatively minded members.

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