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Law enforcement trainers are found to be members of an anti-government militia group.

American policing needs to be rebuilt with an explicitly stated socially progressive mandate in order to combat generations discrimination and extremism.


Should socially progressive policing be mandated?

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domos 7 Nov 4

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Arresting cooperative 10-year-olds

domos Level 7 Nov 7, 2021

You socialist have completely crazy idea’s about the police! Hell the very worst problems with criminals are in democrat controlled cities!

I heard today the Mayor of Portland just reversed his stance on defunding the police.... πŸ˜πŸ€£πŸ˜„πŸ˜†πŸ˜œπŸ€­ ... Kinda saw that shit coming,,, just a matter of time..

@Captain_Feelgood It’s about time they showed a little sense


The 'usatoday' link didn't work for me... What exactly does 'socially progressive policing' look like?

The USA Today is a left wing piece of crap anyway.


You don't think the federal government is aware of the rot in the system and ignoring on purpose?

The FBI issued redacted reports warning about white supremacist infiltration of state and local police. It is believed that there are similar reports about law enforcement at the federal level but those are likely classified.

The FBI has been dodging the congressional oversight boards to check their s*** for like 30 years plus.

So the FBI has skeletons in their closet and they don't want congressional oversight to deal with that s***. And the FBI is complaining about the white supremacist at the state of local level policing... Which kind of underscores how bad the situation must be.


Yes, rebuilding with dismantling their union agreements and weeding out the bad apples and instituting more accountability at all levels is necessary but just don't call it "Defund Police" like the moronic Democrats did right before the 2020 elections causing us losing House and Senate seats.

Now another moronic democrat Terry McAuliff made a similar gaffe in Virginia that parents have no role in children's schooling and he got a severe beating from a virtually unknown and far behind candidate in governor's race.

Keep it going Democrats and cease to exist in 10 years to make a way for a new party of smart and young people who are tired of Democrats, Trump, Pelosi and McConnell.

Old, frail, weaklings like Biden, and unappealing greedy idiots like Pelosi, McConnell and not to forget the revolution-in America wanting, old, hunchback, forever-wanna-be president presidential candidate uncle Bernie make me sick to the stomach as much as Trump does.


The police and the military exist to protect the interests of the Class that rules over a class-stratified society. In other words, they are here to serve and obey the Capitalist Class. And that is what they will do.


Depends what you mean, but police reform is sorely needed.


I don't understand how everyone nowadays wants to mandate other people. Let people have freedom, even if they want to be an ass with it. If we can mandate others, they can mandate us.

Tejas Level 7 Nov 4, 2021 mandates/laws/rules? We should let people be "free" to do whatever they want?
I get the feeling that wouldn't work out so great.

Mandates over how institutions perform their professions are called regulations and laws.

What adjective would make you feel comfortable? You realize doctors are mandated to be declared competent by a accredited institution of medical training and education right? Or is that some form of oppression and infringement on individual rights as well.

@Storm1752 I was a little tipsy when I wrote this last night, but the thought was tied to the poll, not in general. To be fair though isn't anarchy the exact opposite of fascism?

@Tejas It's close, but any absolute authoritarian dictatorship is the opposite of anarchy. Neither are good.

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