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There are atheist in foxholes. Also, Combat Information Centers in Warships, in the seat of a fighter jet, driving a tank and even in combat medical units. I trust every single one of them.

slavenomore 5 Apr 21

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I was in the Navy, dog tags said "none" and it was never questioned nor did it hurt my promotions.


I spent 11 years in the army, but one good thing about reconnaissance was we didn't stay in one place long enough to dig foxholes. When I suggested digging fighting positions to defend a hill we'd just assaulted during training, an instructor told me, "We call them ranger graves."

JimG Level 8 Apr 22, 2018

To all who Served, does not matter for what service or in what country, I Salute you for "Standing The Watch" and I Thank You for your Service and Sacrifice.


You sound like a former military with knowledge of a CIC. If you ever served... I thank you for your service and sacrifice, now let us not forget.... there will also be assholes among us, because we are just a slice of the many slices on mankind.


I was one, my dogtags read no pref


AO3(A/W) VFA-34 USN 2012-2017 hope everyone is well!

Thank you for your service and sacrifice. USN 80-00. RM/IT.

@GipsyOfNewSpain thank you for yours brother!


I was an atheist in an army band!

Remi Level 7 Apr 22, 2018

Thank you for your service and sacrifice.


As do I sir.


Some of us were even corpsmen, lol.

Thank You for your service and sacrifice.


Yep I am one! Retired Navy 1988


Anyone not familiar with Pat Tilson's story should read of it.
. Nonbelievers are everywhere.
And that Masai village experience is it.


And all of us appreciate that. By the way, GO NAVY....

Go Navy, Back at Yah.


You know here in UK people really don't care and if they do, they'd consider it a bit rude to say anything. The one and only time someone said something was my old clinical lead, I love her to bits by the way, but Irish and very Catholic. She said, "Oh Jayne yer an Atheist...but yer so lovelee" ( I tried to type that in a Southern Irish accent). I kinda feel sorry for you guys, it seems that Americans can be very judgey sometimes

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