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The Great Resignation, or the great awakening

I found the silver lining to this planedemic. This is a very important message to all, since most of your waking hours in life
is working.

I lost my sculpture industry to the covid world order. Yet found something more important for myself, family and for humanity. Tiny house ,(like sculptures) community and urban farming. If an artist can do it, most people can too.

Some call it the Aquarius age.

Castlepaloma 8 Nov 20

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Get over yourself.
All you had to do is respect your fellow human beings. However, instead you took what you considered to be a principled stand.
Good for you.
You sacrificed certain things as a result. You knew what you were doing. You did it. Now own it and quit whining.

My life is not over because of Government God's and pharmaceutical politics science or by a debtor and bribery society to banks. We will overcome, as they won't tell me what work I must do or can't do. I choose what I do in most waking hours of my life and so can most people. If vaxxers choose to be guinea pigs and pin cushion for the rest of their salvery lives, all the comfortable numbness to them.
I won't be sacrificing my mind and body to kill Gates and Faucism because I'm king of my own domain. Not the king of mediacracy.

@Castlepaloma Okay, so that's what I'm saying: "they" can't tell you what to do, you do as you choose. Great. I applaud you for having and making that choice.
AND, as a "vaxxer," I choose to believe it's perfectly safe and effective FOR ME, and I want what I PERCIEVE to be that extra layer of protection. SO you're not really talking about "them," you're talking about me. So though you consider me a "guinea pig," and a "pin cushion," and a "slave," I don' t feel that way about it at all, and I've made MY choice.
So why do you feel it incumbent on you to judge my choice?
Come to think about, I and many others HAVE judged you quite harshly, that is, as a kind of "spoiled brat" who isn't going to eat his spinach, and gets sent into the corner, and instead of taking it stoically, you sit there and scream and hold your breath and draw crayon pictures on the wall, a child who doesn't care about the health and well-being of others, but instead cries and whines that his "freedom" is more important. And I reminded you, once again, you have your freedom and exercised it; you just don't want to go sit in the corner.
Do you have ANY idea how petty and childish you sound to the grownups (on this issue) in this room? Do you?
I don't think you do or ever will. Tough shit.

I've always had an adult view of the world having toured 5 continents and world class in a few professions and events.
I don't need a monopoly Mafia family of state, Pharma or Bank to Govern me harder Daddy. They do everything they can to force me and everyone to join the most evil ever one world order. My group is made up of independent strong individuals who are family and we govern ourselves far more efficiently and healthy than any forever corrupted billionaire system. I don't attempt to take away anyone choices, and not against anything, they are. I do provide natural health medicines, organic food and affordable housing to 90% available to the public. There is nothing healthy about your snythic monopoly Mafia family that sacked the deck. They owns your job, your house, your food and they own you. Many people enjoy this choice of being slaves to this snythic world, my natural choice is not and provide alternative living communities. Enjoy your billionaire club , because it's just you aren't in it. They really don't give a fuck about you, at all, at all.
Yet, your free to choose the ugliest freak Show on earth.

@Castlepaloma Man, you are so full of yourself it's coming out of your ears. I feel sorry for you. Why do you even bother to interact with so many people who are so inferior? I have the same question for a few other cynical, sarcastic, pessimistic, negative, doomsday messiahs lurking afoot. Why do they bother? Are they sadistic nihilists? Why don't find places to hang out where everybody is as smart and savvy as they are? Do they think they're doing us a favor by letting us become aware of our sheeplike delusions? We appreciate your efforts on our behalf, if that's what you think you're doing, believe me, but I can't help but think your talents, intelligence, and razor-sharp perceptions would be put to better use. Why wallow around in the mud with us idiots? You provide alternative living communities? I'm sincerely impressed. I don't have the skills or anything else of value to contribute to a place like that, personally. So if you're here recruiting, I for one am not your guy.
No I'm really curious. Is it because you're so enraged by the "synthetic monopoly mafia" you feel the need to lash out in impotent anger and frustration? You say you're surrounded by "independent strong individuals," so what do you get out of making OUR lives miserable with your insults and disgust?
Sorry. I don't understand your motivation.
If I were hazard a guess, though, I'd not bother to look below the surface. I don't think it's that complicated, as I've related twice so far.
But I'd like to hear it from your perspective, if you don't mind. I'm curious.


Being curious is very important and appreciate it.

I worked for Billionaires that made me a millionaire for 35 years. Don't feel sad for me because today I'm more free and happier than ever before. Being able to help mostly the poor get healthier lifestyle rather than their aims or my support for the greedy bastard destroyers. I'm no better or worst than anyone else yet know what I can do very well and what I can not do.

I'm not against sheeple or people killing themselves or depopulation, just not for it for my circle. Do prefer like minded people to interact with here . And do with a few and share alternative and new ways of thinking. I can't make anyone feel miserable, negative, cynic, inferior, pessimistic , anger, and frustrating unless they already are. Because that not my style. if someone is insulted by a disagreement it can be the fear of the truth. I can be sarcastic and downing greedy bastards and the extremeist religious. Until I feel more the aquariain age upon us rather than world order.
Who is the messiah?

I get rid of negative people and doomsday is more for the sadistic fuckers. I don't go around calling people idiots and stupid for our disagreements, if I want to share and learn.
The greedy bastards are the "synthetic monopoly mafia" it's just fact and evidence throughout centuries of human history.

My motivation is love, work and sharing ideas.
Yes simplified
simplified and simplified . Banks, pharma and State don't do that

@Castlepaloma As far as I'm personally concerned, I feel insulted because you insulted me, not because I am guilty of that of which I am accused. I'm sure if anybody else read your ridicule, they would feel the same way.
That negates your argument in it's entirety, regardless of what it is.


More misconception.
My intentions are not to down people except for terrible billionaire bullies who must be cut down to size.
I really don't like bullies, it could be an issue.
I make the too comfortable, uncomfortable and the uncomfortable, comfortable.

I don't get angry, so an argument is an angry discussion. Angry is inefficient and blazing hot in this day in age.
I don't get insulted, yet many have tried. Because if it's the truth , I'm learning something or making an adjustment to make it a balance in my life. If it's too much BS on my BS detector I'll ingnore them. Sorry can't feel sorry for billionaire bullies and their American dream dependency.
It helps to not take life so seriously, think your enough of a decent guy, control though negative emotions for another decent guy.
The assume fool may be the wisest.

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