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Freethought is a philosophical position that holds that ideas and opinions should be based on science and reason, and not restricted by authority, tradition, or religion.
And because of their free thoughts, unorthodox and thus controversial, philosophers often put themselves in a vulnerable position. Their free thoughts are often hijacked, distorted and exploited by political extremists/ideologues for their agendas.
Judith Butler's notion of gender performativity/the social construction of gender is a good example; it has been exploited and weaponised by trans/gender neutral activists. And now Kathleen Stock's case. But she is fighting back. The attempt to silence her has backfired on trans activists as more and more people are supporting her.
Freedom of expression, especially academic freedom, must be protected against totalitarianism.
Be a liberal, be a 'right-minded' liberal.

Kathleen Stock: I won’t be silenced
The trans activist campaign against her has backfired

About Kathleen Stock

Kathleen Stock: Colleagues poisoned students against me in transgender debate
Former Sussex University professor believes her views were 'radically' misrepresented in vindictive campaign to ‘trash’ her reputation

Ryo1 7 Nov 21

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The question is what is real science and what is science that has not been properly vetted? Just read a piece about this very issue and it has gotten us to where we are today. Will post it under science.


Ryo1, no name, no photo, no gender. Are you a troll?

He has a photo, he appears to be Irish?! 🤔

@Buck You're right. Nice ears, too.

@Buck No he's from Devon, a small country almost attached to England, which thinks that it is independant. (Think Newfoundlanders.) (They are very inbred, which could account for the ears. )

I understand why you think that I may be a troll. I prefer not to reveal much about myself to others, on the Internet that is; I have suffered cyberstalking in the past.


The problem with alot of so-called liberals these days are that alot of them are not truly liberal, they have bought into the far-left progressive brand of thought, which is hardly liberal save for a few of the social-based issues. Being openminded is to be truly liberal, to seek to silence or censor opposing views that you do not agree with is an authoritarian mentality and not liberal. Being liberal is good, being close-minded is not, and both political extremes can be extremely close-minded. Speaking of which, politics should also be kept out of such philosophical mindsets, as biases are known to enter the equation as soon as one's political views take front stage. Society needs to once again move in the liberal direction and away from far-left progressivism and alt-right conspiracy theories and related prejudices.

Agreed. Extremes in any direction are usually totally counterproductive.
We've seemingly lost the ability to find much in the way of balance.

@KKGator Hi Gator. Over the years I've sat back and observed how the two political sides treat each other, and your last sentence above is very true albeit alarming. A few days ago was chatting with someone who leans to the right, and I tried politely explaining to him that claiming to support individual liberties while trying to actively restrict women's abortion rights is an authoritarian approach in nature, and he responded with an angry tirade and called me a liberal (as if that's an insult or something) and a communist sympathizer. On the flip side, can't tell you how many times I've been called a fascist for supporting the Second Amendment. No balance indeed, damned if I do and damned if I don't, at times feel like just giving up. What a mess the political and social situations have become in our country.

@SpikeTalon I'm about over it.
People suck.

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