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Don''t Talk Politics or Religion. How often do you hear people saying this and where is the most common places you hear this.

Nevermind345 7 Apr 22

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I've heard that saying quite often.


Open discussion of politics or political hot potatoes like abortion, gay marriage and guns are no longer allowed at my workplace. When it was allowed the area devolved into a Jerry Springer episode and the new owners stopped it. It's made for a more pleasant and civil work environment. Fortunately the religion topic has always held the charm of a wet fart at work even with all the Christians, probably due to all the disagreements amongst the denominations.


I was raised to not talking relgion, sex or politics. That turned me into a homosexual atheist who enjoys Hillary Clinton. See? Words do have power.


Most people I know fit the description activist or something near. So not much .. if I do it will be out socially by people who seem threatened by knowlege or lack of to be frank.


My ex, my cousin, and I were talking about Bernie Sanders and his ideas at my other cousin’s wedding when a big muscle head (a friend of the groom) butted in and started talking about how socialism will destroy everything and he was basically calling us unAmerican. My cousin and I have some fighting experience, so we were just sitting back, waiting to see where this was going to go. My ex, tiny framed and dainty in ever respect, who didn’t drink very often, starts getting up in the guy’s face calling him an ass hole and telling the dude to back off. He stood there dumbfounded until a couple of his friends came to grab him. As they were pulling him away, he says, “there’s two things you don’t talk about, politics and religion.” We just went back to having our own private conversation on the matter after all of his friends apologized on his behalf.

Naw, I’ll talk about whatever the fuck I want to talk about when I want to as long as the company around me is cool with it. This phrase seems to be the mantra of stupid people who can’t win arguments so they’d prefer you not talk about it unless you agree with them.


I’m often the one saying it. Mostly because all it’s going to do is lead to arguements. Especially on the internet. And no matter how well your facts are laid out, you aren’t going to change someone else’s opinion.


Yeah, both can cause serious arguments between friends, family, and strangers....usually when alcohol is involved. Yet I can disagree without being disagreeable.


I usually hear it from people who don't want to be put in a position of having to defend their beliefs/stance.


When my family gets together, there is a standing rule of "no politics, no religion"... but after a while, I came to the realization that what this actually means is "no dissent about religion or Republicans"... because they talk about religion and politics all the time.

After listening to a steady half hour of a conversation centered around both one day, I got a little annoyed... so, off-the-cuff, I calmly mentioned "Hey guys, I thought we said no religion or politics?"

They fell silent, and looked at me as if I had suddenly sprouted ten heads... then eventually returned to the conversation.

So, yeah... that went well.

tmaaz Level 5 Apr 22, 2018



Social media


Religion is Politics. That's my take on it🙂


Hear it from conservatives who can't answer basic questions, or who fear the non religious government. Sheep afraid to lookat out the box.

It's a statement that I find is intended to silence those who actually have a sense of decency, because no matter how often it's said, I invariably overhear conversations about godless schools, trump is our savior, and "those damn liberals."


In the work place. To be fair, it is not blatantly stated, but it is understood to avoid any sort of workplace angst.

I have had it come up at a team building session when my small group was asked to list the things we have in common. Someone suggests that we all pray and meditate for guidance in our life. I calmly stated that I believe in fact-based experiences and use evidence to make my life decisions. The table was a bit tense for a while until we agreed just to drop the idea as we didn't all belive in prayer.

That said, I am happy to talk about politics and religion with anyone at work (say over lunch), but I ask up front, I want affirmative statements on both (especially politics). I don't want bullet points, tropes, or memes as talking points. I want positive reasons to consider your point of view, not to be backed into it by offering it as an alternative to all the "wrongs" in my thoughts.

Final random thought...I guess one shouldn't talk about religion in church.....just accept things, right?

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