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All hockey games and world hockey tournament are cancelled. Even every player is fully vaccinated and still due to covid cases skyrocketing.

Maybe CDC will blame on the Ice or unvaxxers again. Do most here still believe Biden said that vaccines are 100% safe?

Castlepaloma 8 Dec 28

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Funny, but have come to expect no less from some of our members.


How would things have played out without the vaccine? Here's the damn thing, before we had a vaccine it was PROVEN to be air born and the more people in an enclosed place the more people became infected. So maybe the smart thing to do was limit large crowds being indoors.
But NNNNNNNnOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO it's my right to go where ever I want when ever I want even if I am spreading infection, cause sean hannity told me it's not real.
It was demonstrated/proven that a well fitting face covering kept the virus particles well contained to the person infected. But NNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO it's my right to be sick and get as many other ill as possible, cause I was told it's not real.
Arguing that healthy people had nothing to fear was just fucking demented given MOST of the population is not particularly healthy. We saw in many places people on their own staying home. Business struggled because people don't want to go out, people are too sick to work. Many small towns just shut down because there was no one to go to work, everyone was sick.
Multiply that around the world and regardless of whether government shut ya down we'd eventually see shutdowns due to lack of non sick workers and non ill people not willing to go out and possibly get sick.
People were bound to suffer to one degree or another and what I find absolutely disgusting is what society has put health care workers through and the violence I've seen from the anti mask, anti vax crowd. Calling people like me sheep because from the VERY start I wore a mask and nitrile gloves when I went shopping. (I wear the gloves because whatever the fuck is in those hand sanitizers makes me feel like shit). I think my years working in the printing industry has made me overly sensitive to many cleaning and other chemicals and their odors.
The real debate is do we order the use of the vaccine or just let the virus wash over humanity and deaths/injury be damned.

Unfortunately, some people are insanely stupid and will never learn. They don't seem to understand the mandates have had to be placed because of people like them.

Expression with passion on how covid wars are separating, dividing and conquering all the different labels of people. . Works so excellent for greedy elitist and who only benefit from such a cluster fuck of destruction and record profiteering for them

According to naturalpath medicines and practices, Everything the Government pushes and major Pharmaceutical science is harmful for one's health. Hand sanitizer is cancerous. The mask only work if coughing or spitting. It worst for spreading the virus by gathering virus and lack of cleaning and fresh oxygen therapy. The distance and isolated homes and venue harms social relationships and our immune system
The germs need practice like flu or common cold to build their immune system. The economic has killed one third of small businesses and could go on and on for 100s of major harms far exceeds covid deaths.

Calling people insanely stupid is about the most lame thing possible for facts and evidence rebuttal. Then mandates at that.

EXACTLY . I love u 🙌♥️


Vaccine safety doesn't have anything to do with whether cases are rising. The surge is due to new strains and, yes, people who refuse to get vaccinated. 80 to 90 percent of deaths are unvaccinated people. This suggests that it's much safer to get vaccinated than not.

How do you figure that, when no hospital do testing for delta variant. I personally check it out, by calling hospital across the country. And CDC dose report 80% vaccinated do have the Omicron. Gibraltar country is 100% vaccinated and have per capita many times greater covids cases than Canada. The new strains, mutations and variants come from the Vaccines. Meaning the Vaccines is the covid. Or the Vaccines are no longer vaccines.

Joe Biden could be running around in his white underwear with a white mask on TV, on capital Hill lawn. Screaming :VACCINES ARE 100% SAFE!!!: And the Totalitarianism from their vaccinated death beds could say: I really love my President but hate the Vaccines side effects.


Heard of anyone dying from the vaccine? Is it close to 800,000?

lerlo Level 8 Dec 28, 2021

Yes, upwards of 20,000 people are reported to have died from the vaccine, and that number is likely greatly under estimated. There is no evidence of the vaccines saving even a single life. []

@BDair I see you're a strong believer in movie phrases like "so it shall be written, so it shall be done." Because everything online is true. I guess another saying is true, you can't fix stupid. Yet you're on this site and there is no proof that there is no God. And apparently math isn't your thing either because I think I like the odds of 20,000 to 800,000, even if it were true


Nothing is 100% safe or effective. It is not an either or situation. Delta and Omicron are mutations that slip through - bound to happen sometimes. That said, I prefer and feel safer with a vaccine. Most deaths are the unvaxxed. BTW, I highly doubt ALL the hockey players, especially those not in the NHL are vaccinated. Time to see this pandemic for what it is: WORLDWIDE. Too many in the "1st world" think fixing themselves saves themselves - it doesn't, especially when not enough here even care about others. Parts of Africa are less than 10% vaxxed, thus, lots of more variants to come; hopefully they will lessen in severity. People are "tired" of Covid; it isn't going away, no god nor government can snap it gone. Settle in for the long haul.

There are a few pro athletes, who are unvaccinated and forfeit their play in the game sidelined. And many pro athletes have given up millions of dollars contract to be unvaxxers.


At the least they are safer than not having them.....


Who gives a puck?

Hockey is like a religion like football is to Brazil. We have men and women most world dominate and US would be second to us.
It will be hockey players and hunters who are able to protect us from the US invading for our water in the future. We have beaten them before we beat them again. Unless everyone gives up in the Covid wars and hand it over to the WEF because Trudeau and Biden are members and all for it. Get ready for nothing and YOU will be happy for it.

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