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They call themselves progressive because they don't want the secret out that they are retarding society, which is why its politically taboo to use that word.

Beachslim7 6 Jan 1

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Misses the mark, again...

@Beachslim7 Had a number, thru the years until retirement. What's your excuse?

@Beachslim7 Off of Social Security I paid into for years??? Hell, yeah, I earned it! That & savings I acquired from those years of work.

What, will your church support you in your dotage? (Which appears to already be in progress...)

@Beachslim7 Who says I'm a 'communist'? I see you enjoy throwing that right-wing buzz-word around, with no understanding of the term. Just your got-to general 'insult'. & you have no idea if I ever was an entrepreneur during my life. Just a lot of assumptions on your part in order to follow your shallow narrative.

Must be comforting to live in your little self-created bubble & just create whatever 'reality' suits your fantasy. When you grow up & can stop being a troll & have an honest conversation, come back & speak with us. Right now it's just not worth it with you.

@phxbillcee I can’t fucking believe u try to explain to that idiot Bill . I don’t think he understands that u paid to have SS . Omfg , I am not even an American by birth and I fucking know this . This is hilarious πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

@Pralina1 I'm done with him. He's an ignorant troll that doesn't wish to cure his ignorance. Not worth my time any longer.


It's ableist, not taboo. The right wants to return to the 1950s because social progress apparently terrifies them. And I love self owning right winger posts.

@beachslim7 is this a comment or word salad?

@Redneckliberal As soon as someone mentions Marx, I just walk away. Marx is a fantasy evil figure on the right, 99.9% of progressives left Marx behind a century ago. You know you're dealing with someone who isn't living in the real world.


You know that no one is reading your posts. I see them because for some perverse reason I cannot block anyone. But everyone else has blocked you.

What a great idea, Theresa. I'll join the parade πŸ™‚

I don't block anyone, mostly because someones opinion doesn't effect me. If opinions hurt your feelings, the internet isn't the place for you.

@beachslim7 i highly doubt you know what communism is..... It seems on the surface, however, when someone calls you out on your false bullshit posts your poor little butthurt ego cant take the truth and you block what you know is right.... Bless your poor little heart

I dont block anyone either... I dont think it should be allowed.... If people cant take the heat of the truth yhey need to stay out of the kitchen!

@beachslim7 did i call you an idiot?!... You just assumed what i was thinking i guess... My bad!

@beachslim7 would it help if i got the crayons out?

@beachsli "you block people that call you out on your bullshit lies"...... Clear enough

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