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Is there a philosophical view that explains the control of knowledge such that, those that know, use what they know to control those that do not know?

Such as we see with capitalism slavery, patent and intellectual right laws and used by theocracies, other forms of governments and businesses using capitalism slave labor.

Word 8 Jan 9

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Does it have to be knowledge? I think controlling information is enough, factual or not.

puff Level 7 Jan 9, 2022

Information is synonymous with knowledge. Knowledge or information can be deceptive for controlling what some people think.


It's called propaganda. []



That doesn't appear to be what it would be called. This is the only initial definition I have found for anyism and does fit the observation I have made.

The suffix -ism (Greek suffix -ισμός / -ismós) always marks an ideology, religious or quasi-religious believe systems that builds an extensive narrative for social movements with specific behavior and vocabulary.

Anyism is a rather derogatory term like "whatever" and is used to indicate invalidity of any suspect or definite ideology.

@Word lol.....that is exactly what I'm saying about what you're saying. Any and All control is derived of one pile of knowledge pushing any means. anyism.

@hankster what I am discussing is a form of oppression, it isn't anyism except perhaps to those that want to hold the control to oppress.


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