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Men and prostrate cancer.

Jolanta 8 Jan 11

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Help "people"? Does this mean that I should be worried about getting prostrate cancer?

. . . rare, but 'possible' :


Only if you are a male.

@Jolanta . . . hmm, have you read/perused the linked article in my comment ?
(admittedly/'technically not prostrate, but pertinent IMO)

@FearlessFly Very, very, very rare, not like in men at all. Considering that a huge majority of males do not go to the doctor until it is too late or someone drags them there kicking and screaming this is a very male problem.

@Jolanta one of my ex BFs had prostrate cancer but that was about 14 years ago. He made a complete recovery, but early detection and a good doctor were why.


Prostrate cancer? Because it lays you low? 😂🤣

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