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My special day is over. Thank goodness. I feel we have arrived in the 21st century . Most of the morning, I spent getting myself together for the visit from the police. I called them ( me, the pacifist) because somebody had slashed the tires on two of our cars in the night. And we all knew who did that. He had announced his intentions to my granddaughter.
I feel I was dropped into a swirling soup of drama and intrigue. And I gave that man nice socks for Christmas. All day, I entertained fantasies of poison darts into his neck. I am over it now but still, my hippie persona has grown fangs and I want to see him back in prison, He is the father of my youngest great-granddaughter. I want him out of our lives and preferably dead or maimed for life. And castrated.
Sorry, I guess I am not over it yet. It has brought the neighbors out of hibernations. I had a kitchen meeting last night. There will be cameras on several houses. This is the end of my bucolic life in the apple orchard.
Thank you for all the birthday wishes. I have now reached cranky old lady status.

Spinliesel 9 Jan 11

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You might consider having alarms on your doors and windows also. You can get battery operated ones fairly reasonably priced at most hardware stores. I had my house broken into about 15+ years ago in broad daylight. The worst part was I was working 3rd shift at the time and was asleep in bed. I woke and found my bedroom door partly open so I know whoever it was probably saw I was home and left. Nothing was stolen...the police said whoever it was probably looking for money. Even today I still get little bit on edge of I hear an odd noise in the house.

Ray13 Level 8 Jan 14, 2022

Unfortunately, the 21st century has brought a lot of horrible things and a recent article in the "Atlantic" discussed a super type of meth that can be made by the ton and is cheap. Drugs are often behind many otherwise unexplained incidents. I wonder how many of the anti-vaxxers and tRump supporters are on meth.


Sorry to hear of all the drama and upset. I hope he is dealt with sufficient severity by the authorities and gets the sentence he deserves. I also hope you manage to get him out of your lives for good and that he realises that would be best for him too. Now you need a nice quiet day or two to get your equilibrium back and I’m sure you’ll feel fine again.

Oh Marje, nothing will happen to him unless we can come up with witnesses or a photo of his vehicle or other such proof. He is a bad man and I have no hope that he will be convicted. This is his third offense, which means 3 strikes and your out. Judges are very careful these days to apply this sentence. I have great hope for karma or somebody with a gun.


Good luck putting him in prison

bobwjr Level 10 Jan 11, 2022

Yes, unless somebody witnessed the act or had a camera going, I do not have any hope for punishment by the courts. You understand, it is not the slashed tires, it is the wickedness of the act that bothers me so.


My son's pick-up was vandalized by a random gang driving through the neighborhood; they took a computer that belonged to his work and it was never recovered. He installed a camera system and there have been some suspicious incidents since then, but nothing taken.

You won't be over it for awhile and maybe, never. A neighbor stole my bicycle from a shed over 40 years ago and I am still resentful when I think about it! These types of incidents go deeper than losing a bike, a computer, or having slashed tires; they make us feel violated and unsafe, unable to protect ourselves and our loved ones.

I live on a corner in a semi-rural area. I had a deputy knock on my door at 3:00 AM once because I forgot to close my garage door. Although I was not happy about awakened, I was glad that he was paying attention--even if the worst intruders I have had were possums.

And I am a cranky old woman; if there were kids in my neighborhood, I would yell at them to stay off my lawn.

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