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It might fall on its face, but I think it might be an idea worth considering to set up a fund dedicated to offering confidential mental/emotional health assistance and referrals to prominent Republicans (Cruz, Hannity, Beck, McConnell, Bannon, Trump, etc.) in the US. Many of them clearly need significant help, and most of them can afford follow-up sessions, but they may not know where to go for capable assistance and getting started.

kmaz 7 Jan 12

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Folks, it's unlikely prominent politicians would acknowledge they need help, but I think the offering of it would help to focus some real attention on the issue here, which is that some of their behavior amounts not just to being honestly mistaken, but in some cases as well it amounts to taking out their personal issues on 330,000,000 Americans. I suspect the offering of help in such a public way would not be such a great idea - I don't know that it would actually pull off this focusing-of-attention. But we see too little discussion at all of what appear to be mental health issues of folks who are making major legislative and executive decisions, and acting as major influential voices from the bullypulpit.

As well, I think there might be some professional code which precludes therapists from publicly discussing and trying to diagnose the issues of public figures, and while this code makes some sense to me, it also leads to less general discussion of the matter, so this leads to a somewhat strained situation where you have someone who clearly needs some help (Trump, etc.), but little productive discussion on that point. Just before Trump was elected in 2016, recall a person I know on facebook trying to respond to his hatred and such by mentioning that in her opinion he was not ok and needed counseling, and I respected her for calling this out, and it kind of stuck with me that it was a unique way of viewing him, so that's one of the things I have in mind.

kmaz Level 7 Jan 13, 2022

There is no hope for Fascist scumbags!


They will noisily deny needing mental/emotional health care, which is good evidence of their need.


What a dilemma for them! Hmmmm....take the money and acknowledge our problems? Or continue to act as if we're healthy and perfect?

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