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God is just a word, what could it mean metaphorly to you?
It's self serve oneself first, in order to give and serve others better, not selfishly.

To me God is a word that suggests Ultimate power for self and where nature is my religion. Who in this world has more ultimate power over me than myself. When everyone is God, then no one is above me or below. Now playing the game of life of Tit for Tat. Rather than the forever mass murderous hit on the head lessons. resulting in no to little solution for self empowerment in the painful game of Chess.

It is a personal life choice to control oneself in self reliance and responsibilities of that self empowerment. Or give it all up of your most powerfully Government and corporatism to where your choices could go down to what colour of jelly beans will I eat today.

Having the fixinbility to use common sense, good sense, and sometimes uncommon sense to adjust from this never ending fairy tale of nonsense.

Castlepaloma 8 Jan 15

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