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Terrifying facts about Vaccines
A must watch.

Castlepaloma 8 Jan 17

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Consider the OP, people, then Google this "source".


Nick Hudson opposes SA's vaccination plan. What he hasn’t said is that his company makes alternative medicines.



skado Level 9 Jan 17, 2022

Why that dirty dog, working in natural products. And to think he will ever think he will get on mainstream media or afford to spend 10s of $ millions to promote
$milliom to get anything approved.


Can always find shit to backup a bad premise. I could post about some silly shit and post all kinds of information about it but that doesn't make it right or true. He's entilted to his opinion but that all it is. It's opinion and then he goes out and seeks information to back that opinion up. Entirely backwards to how thought should be organized.

Can only WEF organize our entire lives. Because they are so much smarter than individuals And they are the kindest group of human beings in the entire planet
Imagine, all can be meat robots, own nothing and be happy. Sign you up, I'll be hiding in my bunker deep into the Forest.

@Castlepaloma yes, be very scared of WEF. Run and hide. WEF is just another lobbying organization for which there are many as you know on the far right and the far left.


What a load of waffle! Why do you adhere to such twaddle? The world would still have endemic smallpox and polio had it not been for vacines. 18 million people died from the Sars_Corona virus that caused the "Spanish 'flu" pandemic of 1918-1921. This time, there have been "only" 5 and a half million deaths, despite the world population being many times larger. Surely it wasn't due to the intervention of a "merciful God"?

I'm not here to find God, just for some of the jokes.

To spite the centroist plandemic aim to depopulation the world. The world population growth remains the same,Must be all that staying out of the hospitals and finding other alternative healthcare, not death care. Not going into the history of all the lies during wars and the germs used in germ warfare

@Castlepaloma That second statement above is a joke surely?

From being a history buff from the age of 8 and part of professional artist lifestyle for 45 year. I know that is the greatest serious joke on humanity the last 100 years
Greater than Religion, my brother is a pastor. He can't physically force religion down my throat like Government and their puppeteers can. This mass psychosis is the greatest crime toward humanity. Greater than any natural disaster or virus or disease.


South Africa is not a good overall example of Covid vaccine success. At South Africa is 40% vaccinated and 40% of all the total of the African Continent Covid deaths.

Total Africa is 13% vaccinated compared to Europe average 80% vaccinated. On a per capita Europe has 15 time greater Covid deaths than Africa . Asian has 7 times greater population than Europe and Europe has greater Covid deaths toll and greater rate of vaccinated people.

@Castlepaloma What is the African reporting rate anywhere South, East, North or West? The figures are scant.
AIDS started in the border area between Uganda and the Congo. Local Ugandans even had a name for it "Slims".
But it wasn't until the affliction reached North America that cases were identified and accurately recorded. Do not assume Africa to be like Europe, etc.


I said the continent of Africa, South Africa is a country within the Continent of Africa.
Like American knows by now Canada is not the 51st State.

African of the Continent already knows malaria, Aids and other vaccine have increased the death toll like the Covid vaccine will also.

AIDS was developed by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) to kill off African Americans and gays. it’s not caused by a virus at all. As the emerging HIV/AIDS crisis forced scientists and health professionals to change their habits and practices, partly because of the science of the virus but largely because of effective social activism by AIDS-affected lay groups. Those same groups invested their faith in the health professions. Gays were getting sick from too many drugs and sex, and the vaccine made it worst.

@Castlepaloma That is the greatest Bullshit EVER. How come you are so gullible?
Let me give you a little background info. I lived in East Africa from birth until 1987. I lived in Uganda when AIDS was just starting to become noticed in the USA. The same surgeon who performed my vasectomy in 1976 was also involved in tracing the origin of AIDS. He was a great friend, even having dinner with us. His son went to the same school as my son.
When it was first described to local Ugandans they all said "You mean Slims? We've know about it for years!""
His wife, a fine doctor and surgeon, helped trace AIDS to the thickly forested regions of Western Uganda and Eastern Congo, and concluded it probably crossed the species barrier from a Great Ape to humans due to either eating their flesh raw, or more likely getting their blood mingling with a cut on their hands. It could also possibly have originated from bestialiy.
Stop repeating conspiracy bullshit.

Footnote: The present Sars infection could well have crossed the species barrier by similar means. Intermingling of blood.

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