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Interesting commentary from the WH re Ukraine
"I would note that the United States has delivered more security assistance to Ukraine in the last year than any point in history. In the last year alone, we committed $650 million in security assistance to Ukraine; in total, since 2014, we’ve committed $2.7 billion. These deliveries are ongoing, including today there’s more deliveries coming.

In addition to traditional security assistance, such as the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative, the President has authorized the presidential drawdown authority to expedite lethal aid and meet Ukraine’s emergency defense needs.

We’ve also utilized third-party transfers, authorized by the State Department, allowing U.S. allies and partners to provide U.S. origin equipment from their inventories for use by Ukraine. Specifically, the State Department has given the go-ahead for three NATO Allies to rush anti-armor missiles and other U.S.-made weapons to Ukraine.

And finally, in identifying additional equipment held in DOD inventories that can be delivered under the Excess Defense Articles program, among other mechanisms, we recently notified Congress of our intent to deliver M-17 [Mi-17] helicopters.

So, I would say the President is hardly waiting. Actions are pretty clear on that front."

Ed M-17 helicopters are Russian. WTF is the DoD doing with them? Can't they make their own?

puff 7 Jan 22

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" security assistance". It's just another Arms Dealers' fiasco. Yankee Go Home. It is none of your business. Take care of your own mess.

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