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feel good story. Turtles are my favorite animal and used to volumteer helping hatchlings go to the ocean istead of road as lights of cars have them go the wro ng way.

gigihein 8 Jan 25

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While driving through Missouri a long time ago, there was a mass migration of turtles crossing the road. Many were roadkill, and the buzzards circling overhead took the dead ones.

That happens in South Florida when there is lots of flooding andthehanmmocks they live in is under water. I never saw a migration. I USED to pick up gopher tortoises and box turtles to a reserve and rehab.I am sure when they clear land to build they do the same

@gigihein . I was very upset to see all the dead turtles in the road, so I stopped my car to stay for a while and pick them up and take them to the other side. There were so many I wondered if I made difference.

@OldGoat43 I always did husband would get passed saying I was going to get hit. I never saw the migrationyouzre talking about


We have a group of volunteers here who guard the turtles when they cross a highway after laying eggs every spring

bobwjr Level 10 Jan 25, 2022
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