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Be the master of your own fate.

Castlepaloma 8 Jan 27

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I'm one of those dangerous people who does not give a fuck what others think, as you may have noticed. I'm well aware of surveillance algorithms and key words, which is why I don't mind saying I hope the CIA die a slow water boarding death and they can go fuck themselves sideways, that cunt Pompeo first in line. I find that would be the best way to honour JFK, your best president if he was given a chance.
Isn't it funny how pro government mandate types, those willing to sacrifice personal consent of others to feel safe, will watch this but not click that it is their compliance which is leading us this way. They will blame all other "sides" but their own.

puff Level 7 Jan 28, 2022

DOCTOR!!! leave my health alone. We don't take no vaccination. All and all we are all sheep in a mall.

JFK was probably the last real President. Now, when President are newly elected. They take them in the back room and show them a film of JFK being shot.
Then ask,? Any questions.

it's seem so many people have become soulless. I mean that in a non warm and fuzzy religious ways.


It’s all Evangelicals and Trumpanzees know……..once brainwashed and conditioned into a certain way, all bets are off about 90% of the time.

I once read that 90% of all cigarette smokers could not do it on their own, and I would consider unconditioning of set ways to be the same, it requires willpower.

Will power yes but I say more so than that a desire to change and to question authority. Overcoming that and keeping things the same or reverting back to some time in the past. I think people view the past with so much good stuff and are scared of the future. They want to move us backwards. Fear is the mind killer.

That is what the Banks, Pharma and Government wants is difference groups blaming every other groups for the cluster fuck. Except being accountable, and responsibilities themselves. it's all going to plan and it solves nothing except the billionaire double their profits since the pandemic began.

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