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Just some happy news... There was a recent tragedy, in which a raccoon killed all but two chickens, and a rooster of my flock. The rooster fought with the raccoon, and almost didn't make it through. He was so beat up, that he was blinded by the swelling, and couldn't eat. I believe there was swelling that affected his brain, as he was more or less a zombie. But, I didn't give up on him... Fed him purreed leftover quinoa, and kale to start, and later graduated to mealworms, blueberries, yogurt, and other things- all liquified, and fed through a syringe. For an entire week, I really thought he just wasn't going to make it... But then, all the sudden, at day 10, he started opening his eyes... Pretty soon after, he started eating on his own, and now he looks like he's out of the woods. It was awful to loose all those chickens, and have to shoot a raccoon that evaded trapping; but that rooster pulled through. I just wanted to share the good news. Rocky (the rooster) is one resilient bird... It's made me really happy that he's getting better.

StylisticIdiot 6 Apr 23

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They're just trying to make a living, like everyone else; but yeah... They're jerks.


A friend moved to Alabama from California and brought their very expensive coy fish with them for their new coy pond. On the first night there raccoons feasted on those coy fish.
Raccoons are jerks.


Nice one!!!


Have you tried using cat food in your trap? It always worked for me. My problem was foxes.

Yes- moist, smelly catfood is my go-to bait. It was getting eaten, and the trap still open. It catches skunks real well; but this raccoon seemed to know how live traps work.


So happy for you! Excellent news & excellent work!


Tough bird. Glad he made it.

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