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I am actually wordywalt, but somehow I cannot gain access on my original account. I have been a member for years, and am at level 9 with over 2000,000 points, and have 41 followers. Please help me to recover my original account was wordywalt It would help e if you could give me a telephone number and walk me through the restoration. Thank you.

wordywalt2 3 Feb 18

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Somewhere you will have a page shot of your password, or a bit of paper with all your passwords on it. Preferably both ? One easy way to think of these things is just keep saying "passwords" over and over.

If you do not like to record passwords, this may be worth thinking about for the future, the best way to get strong ones that you can easily remember, is to use a basic chunk of password which is the same for all sites, and is strong like say Mmud?/"2flump, and then add a simple code to each one based on the site name. Such as say the second and third letters backwards. So your bank would be "na", and Agnostic would be "ng", plus perhaps a time code for each year like, add five, so that 2022 would be 2027 that way you only have one password to remember plus a simple code, or two. I know that is no help now, but worth thinking about.


Do you know your password? Do you use website or the app? Are you locked out?

As ofyesrerday, the site will npot accept my original e-mail addressor password. Attempt to get in ask for a verification code which do not have.

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