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I"m moving out of the home I've lived in since 1956, and discovered this dogma...probably received during indoctrination into some hocus-pocus Catholic sacrament. It could be over 50yrs old. Beings its fermented that long, I"m hoping it will knock the shit out of my dandelions. At least then you could say it was good for something.

Highway-Starr 7 Apr 24

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Put it on Ebay, Geeks will love it.


I’m assuming you’re not in the dandelion hunters group, then.


You might want to hold on to that just in case you have a run in with vampires.




Wow! That's a long time to live in one place. Cool find, though. You might make some money if it's an antique. 😉


That's sort of like what Robert G. Ingersoll once said, "With a little soap, baptism is a good thing!" 😀


Empty the bottle, piss in it and give it to your local church ?


How does anybody get a license to sell this nonsense? Or, do they sell it?

It was most likely free, though tuition was paid to St John's Of Perpetual Guilt. I'm sure it was given to me in chance I would perpetuate the nonsense dogma it represents.


Most holy water is only good through one year. The Holy Water Bottlers Association clearly states on their web page.........Holy Water is only good for one year from the time of bottling due to the eventual breakdown of molecular holy molecules that vibrate at a higher frequency that the regular molecules." Makes sense since the water would, like radioactivity, bleeds off its power over time.

Ha ha ha ha! 😀

LMAO! Then it summons demons? ROFLMAO!

@Qualia Only if it was originally distilled holy water.

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