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What Am I?

Does a belief in Karma require the existence of a higher power? Does the belief that the universe experiences all, therefore knows all and balances all mean I am not an atheist? I believe there is a force at work that cannot be cheated or denied, yet that it is not sentient and as such cannot bear us good will or kindness. It cannot be worshiped or praised anymore than gravity. I feel like I am a spiritual atheist. There is a difference between the physicist with a telescope and the child who stares at stars in simple wonderment, trying to count them all. There is a difference between the 2 little kids mixing random chemicals in my aunts kitchen when she ran out to the store hoping for something cool to happen and the chemist in the lab. Yet there isn't. I have faith. I have great faith that the universe will unfold as it will and therefore as it must and therefore everything will be okay. I do not need some conscious power to have planned it out.

When I become a parent, I know there will come a day when my child will go off to school or work or something else and will not look back over his shoulder to see me. I hope to know in that moment that it is not an insult and to feel nothing but pride. Today, I am that child. There are many more "children" in this same place. I step forward with pride to try and live my life on my own. I know that if I need him, he will be there. I know that even if I don't need him, he will do little things in his power to help. I know that one day, he may not be there and I will have a child of my own to send off.

When I become a grandparent, I know there is a day that my child will send off his child as I did mine. I know that when that day comes it will be hard for my child to bear. I know that later, he will know the pride I know in him. I will try to help him through it so that they can both reach greater heights than they've ever known.

Why would a conscious and loving God begrudge us this? Why would he hate us if we explored and ventured through his creation? I don't think this departure from God needs to be hostile and rebellious. Perhaps we are growing up just as he intended and he is proud that we are understanding his creation more deeply. Perhaps he's letting us take our first steps and is there to comfort us when we fall and telling us to get back up on our feet. Perhaps we're the teenagers that "hate our parents" but they know better and don't hate us for saying it.

I do know one thing. When I am a parent I would be sad if my child didn't test all his limits. I would be sad if he never learned to live without me. I would be sad if he never learned to take care of himself. I would be sad when he hated me.

I would be happy though, the day he stood on his own feet and saw the world as his to experience and love and change and ...

[[I wrote this long ago when I was truly agnostic and stumbled across it this morning and thought it may be appreciated here]]

DJVJ311 7 Dec 4

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Atheism is simply the disbelief in a God. A sentient being that created the universe of any kind. If the answer to whether you believe in that is "no" then you are an atheist. Beyond that, belief in karma and spirituality doesn't really conflict with you being atheist. As atheism is a single answer to a single question.

Now I myself am an atheist and I guess I would also say I'm a naturalist. I'm of the belief that everything in this universe has a natural explanation, and therefore do not believe in any supernatural force such as karma. This however again has nothing to do with my atheism directly. It's simply the result of being a skeptic.


I do belive in Karma,not becuase of a caring god rewarding acts of kindness or punishing bad actions. But because if you spread good will and deeds it makes everyone around you feel better about themselves ,and you. They in turn go out and pass on good deeds and will at some point repay your get the good Karma back. Likewise if you wrong someone,they will look to to get revenge.

If we all did this the the number of good deeds goes up dramatically and the bad lessen,everyone benefits. We all have free will to decide what we do,we make the Karma the world experiences.
My daughter left to study at University,I do miss the little girl that used to follow me around,but she has grown up. It is hard lettiing go and it sure comes round fast. I still help her out and give guidance ,just its a smaller role now. It is nice she still needs her mum and dad though ,I m sure that will also wane when she marries. Cycle of life and its a privilege to enjoy it all.

The analogy of children was just a device. Can you imagine being a mean and vengeful parent every time your daughter said she didn't need you for something or even if she told you she didn't need you at all? I can't imagine a god who would feel that way. When they are born, kids need their parents for everything and when parents die, they should hope their children don't need them anymore.

I am wholeheartedly with you on the karma though.


I don't believe in karma. I do believe that behaviors are the key to ones existence. If anyone continues with amoral behaviors then its only a matter of time until you reap what you sew.

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