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We read stuff like this, and many think, well finally some sense from the evangelicals. Tennessee ministers call out their senator for her "inappropriate" behavior at the SCOTUS hearing. However, they will all still vote for the woman. Just another form of hypocrisy.

Open SmartNews and read "Tennessee pastors express ‘embarrassment’ over Marsha Blackburn’s ‘inappropriate’ behavior during SCOTUS nominee hearings" here: []
To read it on the web, tap here: []

Beowulfsfriend 9 Mar 24

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They're embarrassed because she is showing the "inappropriate" behavior that believers are always trying to hide or deny. They are all hypocrites, believers just don't like being exposed.


More like just being totally blind.

Ones like this aren't blind; they just simply ignore their own tenets and lie down with the flea invested dogs.

@Beowulfsfriend Great way to put it!! It is also blind obedience in a sense.

@CuddyCruiser True, they blind themselves with willful ignorance and justify it by calling it belief.

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