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What follows is a true story.

Dream in Mono
By Matt Channing

You're gonna get it
What you've gotten a hundred million times
You're gonna regret it
Even though you can see the warning signs
You write and you edit
A song for the voices in your mind
A cooling calm
A soothing balm
For the palm that's gonna blister your behind

The only remedy
Is waiting undercover
Your one way to be free
That gives your soul a shape
A five-point nth degree
Your cousin, friend and brothers
You sing your fantasy
And paint it on the tape

Your dream in mono

You're gonna get it
It seems you've made all those young girls swoon
You're gonna regret it
You've made a whole pen of new tycoons
The monster is fed, it
Gives the whole deck of cards to tin-eared goons
Who've made your brain
A gravy train
And it seems like everybody wants a spoon

The only remedy
Is hid beneath the covers
No way to be free
No way to escape
From the nth degree
Your cousin, friend and brothers
Who will not let you be
Who lost what's on the tape

Your dream in mono

Toonman 6 Mar 25

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