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I work as a teacher for my day job and I was wondering how much support there is out there for teachers. I'm striking tomorrow and will be probably be on strike Friday as well. Do you think we teachers have legitimate grievances, or do you think we should just suck it up and stay at work until the school year is finished and sort it out with the state legislature over the summer?

Ringo57 4 Apr 25

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I was a NYC teacher for over two decades. Yes, we had grievances then and we do now.

@ashley44 Teachers are not appreciate. Period.


I support your right to strike, but have no idea what you are trying to gain from it as your plight is poorly reported over here in the UK.

From what I know, I assume that austerity is a big thing over there too and funding is being cut for salaries and education in general.

Whatever your reason, strike action is not one that workers of any sort, take lightly. So if your conscience says this is the only way to highlight your plight and make progress towards a solution - then go for it.

Well, the salaries here are great...specially out of NYC. One of my complaints was the lack of discipline fomented y the school authorities, the poor curriculum, the principals changing grades....insecurity.

Thanks. Seeing some of the other replies too I am starting to get a little better picture of the situation.


First off, I support your right to strike. I think the issues of legitimate grievances and working with your state legislature should be seperate. I believe Arizona is a Red state and I just read they were looking into making striking illegal for teachers. I would like to know, "ALL" the grievnaces Arizona teachers have currently. I then could tell you the merits of said grievances.

MarkF Level 5 Apr 25, 2018

I taught for 44 yeats. We used to have some negotiating power in this state, but that has changed. Collective bargaining in most states has been reduced to collective begging. Hell yes! Strike!


Yes! Strike! Demand more funding for education! More money and support for teachers! Both my parents were teachers. Both of my mother's brothers were teachers. Both of my mother's parents were teachers. One of this country's great strengths was quality, universal education and the libertarians' and GOP's greed and short-sightededness is destroying it. We have to fight back. I want to live in an educated society, not one stupid enough to elect tRump president. I will be thinking of you and everybody else on that picket line. If I can help in ANY way just ask. I'll see what I can do.


I don't understand why people don't realize how important you and your industry are to this country. You hold the key to the future, education should be at the top of the list, not the bottom.

Now you have to teach kids how to fix all the shit we screwed up.


Absolutely teachers have legitimate grievances! Teachers deserve more pay for the important work that they do. Go for it!

Thanks for the support.

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