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Russia it seems is suffering a second plague this year, an odd one that seems only to kill Russian Billionaire with ties to Russian oil, gas and President Putin by inducing such misery that the victims kill themselves and their families in tragic fits of depression.

  1. February 3 Leonid Shulman while on sick leave was found dead in the bathroom of a cottage in the Leningrad region ruled as suicide

  2. February 25 Alexander Tyulyakov found hanged in the garage of his home ruled as suicide

  3. February 28 Mikhail Watford AKA Mikhail Tolstosheya found hanged in the garage of his home ruled as suicide

  4. March 24 Vasily Melnikov dead in the apartment together with his wife Galina and two sons, ruled as Murder/ suicide

  5. 19th April Vladislav Avayev, 51, his pregnant wife Yelena, and their daughter Maria, were found dead with gunshot wounds, ruled as Murder/ suicide

  6. 20th April Sergey Protosenya, 55, his wife Natalya, 53, and 18-year-old daughter, Maria, were found dead at their Spanish mansion. The scene suggested the women had been stabbed, before Protosenya hanged himself in his garden, ruled as Murder/ suicide

LenHazell53 9 Apr 24

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Putin is even more surrounded by yes-men and insulated in his own echo chamber than Trump, which is understandable when the penalty for telling him an unpleasant truth is prison or death. Like Hitler's circle, as the war goes badly, many of his cronies doubtless choose to take the other way out when they fall into disfavor, rather than face possible torture and a miserable death by execution or neglect. (Also like Hitler, Putin is fond of punishing entire families rather than just individuals, accounting for the multiple murder/suicide deaths; they don't want to leave their family to suffer in their stead.)


Well if you hang with a thug like hang by a thread, or rope as in most of these cases..billionaire or not..

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