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NoSheep 6 May 3

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Words are needed. Assuming the leaked draft stands it DOES NOT make abortion illegal. It would return that decision to individual State elected legislatures.

Are you afraid of democratic elections?

I live in a state where abortion is already deeply restricted and there’s a trigger law.

@NoSheep Each State will address the issue in its own manner depending on how the elected Legislators feel their constituency feels about the matter. That is what is called "democracy".

I'm definitely afraid of elections in gerrymandered districts.

Do you support freedom of choice for the rich but not for poor people who live in those gerrymandered districts. In essence that's exactly what will happen because people with means will fly the friendly skies to where ever they need to go to have that choice.

@Lorajay Since both parties indulge in gerrymandering every chance they get, you should be worried.

Sinec it is impossible for me to get pregnant, I have no opinion regarding abortion.


I carried one of those to both marches in DC under Bush I, prior to Roe.
Everybody knew exactly what it was for back then!

My coat hanger had some red paint dripping from it.


It will be up to the state legislatures if R v W is overturned. []

BDair Level 8 May 3, 2022
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