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Three more days without heat. Monday the new furnace will be installed. The weather forecast is announcing summer weather from now on. Of course! It is 48 degrees here in Apple Country. The maple trees are blooming and so are my allergy symptoms. I am not whining, just mentioning the fact that I seem to be tested by reality to prove just how resilient I can be.
Not to worry.
I just get more and more pissed off and my anger follows me like a little dark cloud ( with lightning) over my head.
Some troll tried to removed 6k dollars from my checking account but did not count on me checking very early in the morning. All is well and thanks to fast thinking credit union person, no loss was incurred. But another damned thing to worry about. She who worries does not have time to die.
I wish you all a pleasant day and freedom from trolls and republicans.

Spinliesel 9 May 6

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Where is Apple Country? Which state?

Researching the 'Apple Country' I learned something from the following link.


New York. That's not what our county is called. It is what is it. We have around 2 million apple and other fruit trees. Your screen name gives me a warm feeling and memory of Astral Weeks. I raised my children on that record.


The byline of the Wenatchee World newspaper in Wenatchee, WA where I live:

"The Apple Capital of the World and the Buckle in the Power Belt of the Great Northwest."

Refers to hydroelectric power from the dams on Columbia River.

@LiterateHiker I have been there three years ago. Stunning country. I would move there in a flash if I wasn't so handicapped.

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