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Go Away Hillary! (Just Kidding, We Need You), The Opposition

phxbillcee 9 Apr 25

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Even the title of this one has a "Lesser of two evils" stench to it. Sure do hope Donny Tic Tacs doesnt get the diet coke and launch buttons mixed up. Tired of hearing peoples mommy issues with Hillary while the Trump admin goes after disabled schoolkids rights.

Sorry to be all confrontational and left wing

@rafferty Hey, I thought you were just getting started! My posting of these & other late-night hosts is my way of being a bit confrontational. Plus, it seems, far too often, that that is the best way to get the news anymore!


"Save us, Hillary! Put your Queen Elizabeth armor on, and saddle up!"

  • there, fixed that for ya.

if u were goin for comedy and laughs u fixed it for sure...lmao


There are far better choices than Hillary..She's already lost twice...Safe to say she's not the one to replace Trump...Look up Tulsi Gabbard...Far better choice.

i like Nina Turner alot too. both Nina and Tulsi stood up to the DNC when they were rigging the primary. Hillary should have never been on the general ticket. Bernie won and it was stolen from him. The Hillary people need to take a trip to the real world for a change. She will never be president, she is hated by far to many people compared to the ones that like her. On top of that, the neutral ones won't go vote for her in Nov so run her all u want but she will only guarantee republican wins.

Neither of these people have a shot. At all. They would have begun campaigning like yesterday if they did. Id worry more about the current criminals making a coup. That may have been the last election and nonconfrontational liberals and progressives are being given this "oh lets vote them out" nonsense as a distraction by people that can rig a national election and public opinion by facebook.

@rafferty u pushing Hillary as being something goes to show your judgment on who can and can't win an election is not very trustworthy. what was it that the media claimed? 99% chance she had at beating Trump? how did that work out for ya???

@rafferty and if u want to talk about online way of rigging elections and changing public opinions just look up the Correct the Record bunch and how successful that one worked. just goes to show people arent as easily swayed as u claim. even with millions spent to lie and cover up Hillarys past she still got beat by 13 trolls from russia huh?

@rafferty neither seems interested in running and that is the problem to me..You have two people who would be phenominal and if they wanted I'm sure they could beat Trump in a landslide..

I mean just look at Tulsi..

Former Army Captain currently serving in the National guard..Works closely with Sanders and has helped push Hawaii off of fossil fuels.

During the Standing rock protest she organized q group of veterans to stand in front of the Native Americans so the cops would stop hurting them..

The tragedy is that she doesn't seem interested in running for president..Even though she would be brilliant.

A moot point and too late for that. America is not what youd call freindly to women.

@rafferty america loves women, they just hate Hillary. Hillary isnt hated bceause of her vagina, its her record and the crimes she committed with the server that got her beat. no we are stuck with Hillarys funded version of Benghazi known as Russian collusion.

@rafferty some of us yes..but far too many voted for Hillary for the fact she's a woman and were all too ready to overlook her faults.

@josh23452 the fact that she was a woman is the only reason she wasnt out cast years ago if u ask me. had it been a man and had all the scandals constantly like she has, whether guilty or not, he would have been told he is to toxic and would be a liability but because Hillary was a woman she got special treatment. the idea that america is a patriarchy that hates women might have worked 50 years ago but my generation and under grew up in a different world and that whole narrative is just BS anymore. ofcourse there are some sexists, but its nothing like they keep shouting all the time.

@josh23452 whatever faults you speak of are bullshit lies from spurious sources, and youre afraid shed box your ears and make you clean your room. Youd take "clean your room" from jordan peterson or something, i suspect

@rafferty there's your faults...Prior to her first run as president she admantly opposed gay marriage.In her time in the Senate she voted down gun reform,voted for the Iraq war, voted against money to fix the nation's infrastructure.Not to mention her time spent volunteering for a state senator who thought bringing back segregation was a good idea. Oh and let's not even discuss the email buisness because that would be too easy!

@rafferty and actually I am gona go in on the email

So I was in the Navy for 5 years and my job required that I have a security clearance...As does my current job.

Now every year and as often as possible it's described to us what happens if we misuse our clearance or if we do something ireesponsible..Regardless of if it's an accident or not.

I even saw someone go down for plugging their phone into a work computer...Now that was just with a secret clearance...

Listening to former FBI director Comey's speech on Why Hillary didn't get prosecuted there were gems such as

"Although we did not find clear evidence that Secretary Clinton or her colleagues intended to violate laws governing the handling of classified information, there is evidence that they were extremely careless in their handling of very sensitive, highly classified information"

"None of these e-mails should have been on any kind of unclassified system, but their presence is especially concerning because all of these e-mails were housed on unclassified personal servers not even supported by full-time security staff, like those found at Departments and Agencies of the U.S. Government—or even with a commercial service like Gmail."

"There is evidence to support a conclusion that any reasonable person in Secretary Clinton’s position, or in the position of those government employees with whom she was corresponding about these matters, should have known that an unclassified system was no place for that conversation."

So either this woman who had a top secret clearance didn't know how to properly use that security clearance or there's some bullshit a foot...Take your pick.

@josh23452 does don know how email works, or how to read or write, i wonder? i don't think he truly does. no, for real, its ridiculous.

yes, yes. Ive heard all these email "crimes" n stuff before. My compliments on sustaining this fake outrage over them for so long. I wonder when the investigations of condi, colin powell, many, many others that don't know how to use emails and blackberrys will start, and what exactly the impact and damage was of all this secret emailing was. do you think Putin intercepted them and posted them to his geocities page?

i heard she also conquered haiti, invaded iraq on her own, allowed poor momar quaddaffi to be torn apart by an angry mob of rebels, evilly plotted with gillibrand to have rape cases in the military tried outside of the mcoj, got healthcare for millions of children as just a "lady". was going to monger some sort of war somewhere. a shill for wall street, unlike Don, lol.

oh, and the fracking. lets not forget that. she wanted to frack places like bulgaria, so they would be energy independent .... of putin... hmmm........

lol, you must be a real basket case trying to make that goldwater girl thing stick, dreamcatcher. She actually wrote pretty extensive about getting out from her familys political scene. as a 15 year old girl. lol. nope, you guys voted for other reasons. id say ego and ladyproblems.

@rafferty call me crazy but I don't trust a person whose flip flopped so much on the issues and besides were not talking about the mis deeds of others..thats The fault I find with people on both sides of the aisle..You excuse the screw ups of you candidate by pointing out the screw ups of others without actually addressing the fact that the person you support messed up. I voted the way I did because Hillary's past was completely different than what she was saying.. Her voting record in the Senate is publically avalible and it boils down to

I didn't support the Iraq war, she voted for it
I support smarter gun control,she voted against it
I support fixing our nation's roads,bridges and water pipes.She voted against that too.
I support gay marriage and I find it odd that she didn't until she started running for president.

And it has nothing to do with holding a grudge against her email issues it's a matter of either she didn't know how to handle classified information or she didn't care enough to be responsible with it...And your thinking she should be entrusted with more classified information? Not to mention why isn't she being held to the same standard as anyone else in this matter? And instead of looking at the faults of others maybe you should ask that as well. And then deal with other's fuck ups.

Also do you remember the debate where she publically announced our response time to a nuclear attack?

@josh23452 you don't give a crap about same sex marriage and certainly not back then. does it affect you in some way? America was no where near ready for it back then, just like Hillary would have been branded a traitor if she didnt give GEORGE BUSH the decider power on iraq.

@josh23452 the Dixie Chicks made some offhand crack about Bush and people called them whores and sent them DEATH THREATS, lol. For a deserved JOKE.

@jorj stop manically tagging me in this mundane post. im following your mewlings ok.

me an my oldest boy would be face down in the gutter were it not for her child heathcare program, so i owe her more than one. if she ordered me to wade into benghazi with a flamethrower to protect those people from momar? yup, ok! if she wanted me to raise an army of hobos and mexicans to overthrow Don, machete style, or Saul Alinsky style? yes maam!

@rafferty actually same sex marriage affects me greatly..

My dad's for example were quite passionate about it..I also suppose that my being head of the gay straight alliance during my grade school years doesn't count for shit either. There's actually a pretty adorable picture of my adoptive dad's kissing my biological dad.

But please continue to make excuses for her and please continue to waste time on a woman who lost twice and had the nerve to blame it on an old man the last time.

Also Bernie had the balls not to V ite for the Iraq war..

You also keep bringing up the off hand things that republicans have done.. Does that really excuse the mistakes of the Left?

@rafferty just refer to Josh's comments here and u will see why the young generation arent foolish enough to vote for her. u still stuck in the 90s but u are more than welcome to come to the current day and talk anytime u want tho.

"does don know how email works, or how to read or write, I wonder?" who cares, didnt vote for him either cause we arent simple minded and do the lesser evil BS that your generation were foolish enough to keep showing up for. thanks for ruining this great nation with your uninformed voting just because u used to draw welfare in the 90s. and isnt that the whataboutism that the left goes off about anymore? guess u can't focus on Hillary because she is so horrible. it shows just how horrible when u have to compare her to Trump to even have something to say. thats a weak argument all around.

"lol, you must be a real basket case trying to make that goldwater girl thing stick, dreamcatcher." don't have to make it stick, its already stuck. she lost to a fool like Trump because she is so horrible. keep tryin talk people in to ignoring the truth about her and continue to lose the argument and the elections for the near future or longer.

@jorj but but but I thought if you didn't support Hillary that must mean you supported Trump!(Sarcasm)

@josh23452 lol, seems like that is the only way some peoples brains work.

@jorj nope, not trying to talk anyone into anything, make excuses, or any bullshit like that. What are you guys offering again? Oh nothing? free weed or something? lol, this 'generation' stuff, and these 'on welfare' type barbs. really. its strange that you badass progressives don't direct this kind of stuff at don n co. why, its like you are blaming me for wasting your votes or something. i can wait for you clowns and trump to unravel, and then beg for Fleetwoood mac to start playing. the dnc is used to being America's janitors. people that badmouth democracy and social justice bear watching.

bernie the crackpot could get away with not voting for iraq as an I. back then, you never heard of him.

i noticed you bullshitter political flyweights could answer none of my questions put to u without trying to get hostile, lol. hey, ask bernie who allard k. lowenstein is. lol. watch him say 'our crumbling infrastructure' and rhen run for it.

@rafferty were talking about Hillary here..If you wana have a conversation about how awful Trump is we can do that to.. So you defend Hillary for voting for the Iraq war by saying she was too well known not to..Totally makes plenty of sense..Please keep making excuses for her...And ya know I don't agree with everything Bernie says no but again

He didn't vote for the Iraq war
He didn't vote against gun reform
He didn't vote against fixing infrastructure

You've done nothing but make excuses for Hillary...Maybe instead of thinking the sun shines out her ass you can apply the same sorta skepticism about her mistakes...Maybe start looking at people who havent made those same fuck ups.

@rafferty tellin u facts is not hostility no matter how butt hurt u are. then u insult todays welfare recipients after claiming Hillary saved u and your son cuz of welfare. u sound like Bill Oreilly now. we didnt waste our votes is what u can't get thru your head. we voted for the one we thought would be best, just because your pick lost don't mean we wasted anything. just so u know, if Hillary and Trump are on it in 2020 ill be voting for a third party or Trump if there is no other option but to vote the lesser evil. nothin u can lie about is gonna make any of us vote for Hillary, we actually do know her record. either u ignore it or u arent quite as informed as u think. maybe that welfare stint of yours that u used to buy weed burnt out all of your brain cells, IDK.

@josh23452 so your two dads are happy with trump, yeh?

@josh23452 bernie is an nra puppet, sorry. he wouldnt be in office without them. sorry. who cares how he votes. he gets a d-? ted nugent calls hillary a 'toxic c' and fires a machine gun in concert going 'take that, hillary'.

@josh23452 i havent made any excuses for her. she was under 11 hours of investigation by that hobbit, and nothing. looks like youre wrong....

@josh23452 its funny, ive seen male candidates make tons of fuck ups, but never seen this kind of reaction. hmmm....

@josh23452 no i did not say 'she was too well known' i said she would have been branded a freedom hating TRAITOR if she voted against iraq. how old were you back in 2002?

@josh23452 bernie has no plan for fixing infrastructure. he merely says 'our crumbling infrastructure' and that is 'fighting' to you. lol... no, you must do things.

@jorj im sorry, we werent on welfare. i was working two jobs and there was nothing in place from your republican friends. you were 12 at the time, son.

@rafferty I suppose Hillary voting down the assault rifle ban isn't acting in favor of the NRA..And again in regards to your male candidates remark you're once again making excuses.for her by pointing out the shortcomings of others.

And in regards to my two dads,they are just happy I had the balls to vote for my conscience as opposed to picking the lesser of two evils...

@josh23452 yup, like what? 12? so you knew who bernie was back then and cheered loudly when he didnt vote for iraq, or were watching like yu gi oh or something?

@josh23452 elections arent about your conscience. they are about results. voting your conscience netted a president openly hostile to your two dads, as shown by hisngoofy move towards trying to bans trans peoplenin the military, like hes some capricious jackass king from tje old timey bible days

@rafferty so you're saying I shouldn't vote based on who I feel is right for the job? Kinda defeats the whole point of an election..Defeats the purpose of voting. And ya know what even if I didn't know who Bernie was back when I was 12 during his run for president I looked at his voting record in the Senate and I compared it to Hillary...

Tell me was Bernie speaking against gay marriage at the same time Hillary was? Nope!

Did he vote for the same assault rifle ban that Hillary voted against? Yep!

Bernie was marching in civil rights marches..Where was Hillary?

Has Bernie ever mis-use a classified email server? Nope!

Did Bernie vote for the Iraq war? Nope!

Do you not find it off that Hillary didn't become the "Progresssive" candidate until she first ran for president?

@rafferty so you say voting is about results...Do you mean like the results of the two presidential elections that Hillary has lost? Maybe just maybe it's time to find a different candidate.

@josh23452 you seem all fired up or something... Like youre trying to justify fuckimg up to me or to yourself. Its like how youre still trying to talk about hillary instead of defeating Trump, lol

@rafferty not fired up at all but if we wana defeat Trump ok..Lets not back a horse that's already lost the race twice..After all you did say voting is about results.. Might be high time to pick a candidate who hasn't failed twice now.

@josh23452 that isnt happening, unless you know something i dont. are people really suggesting that she run again, or just 'go away', in some totally non sexist way? i didnt think she was going to run again, lol.

A bloody purge of all trumpies and then install her as Empress? Can you show me who is exactly saying that she run again?

@rafferty for one thing there's your girl with that guy you hate..I guess Trump is just another issue she has flip flopped on..To answer your question

I'm saying that she should just go away..Not because she's a woman...But because she is just plain...awful..Is she as bad as Trump? Does it really matter which like of shit smells worse?

@josh23452 nope, its because shes a woman, daddys boy. you arent used to that sort of thing. lol, yes, well you were not cognizant back then,

@rafferty if it's because she's a woman why would I support Tulsi. And what do my cognizant abilities have to do with your girl Hillary arm n arm with Trump? And I love you're attempt to take a pot shot at my relationship with my dads...Are you a homophobe like your girl Hillary?

@josh23452 so what? its a picture. hil is a master diplomat, and can make that gorilla get on one knee outside of all this, and has.

im sorry that you don't understand the dod you worked for doesnt care and for decades hated and still hates peoples sex life stuff. it would rather not acknowledge gays, trans, people getting raped, people out tailhooking, etc. people don't realize that dadt was a compromise with the gay hatin' joint chiefs, best that could be done. know who brought all that stuff up? where those ideas to deal with those things came from? do you think they came from Bill? Really? lol...

@josh23452 "shes just plain awful..ewww. cooties' lol

yes, this seems well thought out.

@rafferty You're right it's a picture of Hillary at Trumps wedding...Shes a master diplomat that lost to the gorilla you mention..Theres your girl Hillary and her thoughts on gay marriage... Took her a while didn't it?

@josh23452 nope, you of course think she is because the mayor of gaytown with a mostly gay constituency since the 60s had a pride parade in like 85, so that makes him Harvey Milk. your dads got you jacked up against hillary on this marriage thing, which passed in ny pretty quick, and id guess dadt. some hobo senator from vermont ended up the gatekeeper of all that is progressive

Compared to Hillary, Bernie has shown way more support for not only LGBT right a but the rights of all Americans.

Also check your facts..Hillary was the senator of NY till 2009...Gay marriage in NY passed in 2011..So what exactly does she have to so with that.

Oh and you mentioned earlier that Hillary has done her best to back away from her time as a Goldwater girl

Time index 1.25 she seems very proud of it.

@josh23452 there is nothing to support with tulsi. tulsi works for Don.

@josh23452 im pretty sure tulsi and captain phasma are interchangeable for you.

@rafferty How so? Prove it? Do just say anyone who doesn't support Hillary supports Trump?

Here ya go here's proof against anything you might mention



@josh23452 yup, i lived in ny back then and watched all of that. while working on it. yup, you should have seen America 'evolve' on it. Look how evolved Don is on it, lol.

You also seem to be concerned that she is running again, and delight in her losing to Don, like you and your folks will end up getting something good from it, which is funny. You wouldnt even get that from Tulsi, if she would manage to place.

@rafferty you still haven't mentioned how Tulsi is working for Trump...And No I don't want Hillary to run at all..Afterall she has lost twice tactically it's better to start backing a better horse...

@josh23452 no he hasnt. he has merely talked. talking is equal to 'fighting' for you. Hil's program actually saved me and my kid from being wrecked with his heathcare costs, and i get this dickhead from kentucky, whos taxes i pay and whos state i subsidize saying im on welfare while working two jobs back then. Bernie hasnt done shit but add more guns to America and then turn up the woo. Woo just for men, lol.

@josh23452 i don't care what hil was doing at 14. that it is an issue, or being made an issue shows what sort of hurtin chumps were working with here.

im 100% sure that bernie was not arm in arm with mlk, carrying his extra dreams for him. He was a dorky flower power kid from midwood that did not stay and enact revolution there, it was too hard, so he left for hippie disneyland in vermont, where people are fewer and less working class Brooklyn Navy Yard, and will listen to some goon about 'class struggle'.

@rafferty when you say Bernie has added more guns to America, do you mean like when in 2004 Hillary voted against keeping the assault rifle ban that Bill Clinton signed in 1994? You know who voted to keep it around? Bernie

@josh23452 pretty sure you signed up to please one of your dads, now you get why hillary was campaigning for Barry Goldwater. at 14. what were you into back in 2004? Were you a dedicated civil rights champion, out fighting racism and getting stepped on by horses, getting thrown in prison by the klan at 14?

@josh23452 bernie wasnt back then either. he was a student in chicago, he picketed a student union with racist housing setup, got gently lifted off the ground by two policemen and given a talking to. its not like hes John Lewis or something, out betting his ass beat in every town down south and thrown in jail, lol. cmon.

@rafferty actually as I said before I was the head of my schools Gay,Straight alliance which made me very popular seeings how I was at a school in South Carolina,I was just starting to get heavily involved with performing in and volunteering with the local community theatres and helping with the youth classes. Oh and I was a member of the student council and the International Thespian Society.

@josh23452 ever gone to burlington, midwood, or places like that? you should. go live in vt for like 6 months. outside of the beauty, you wouldnt want Bernie running a popcorn maker, lol.

@rafferty oh and there's Bernie Sanders getting arrested at a civil rights rally.

@josh23452 so, like bea arthur stuff, getting gay kids kicked out of thier homes , homes, or just school drama club? Geez, that mustve been tough back in sc back in 2004, as a teenager.

@rafferty ya know what he may have his faults but if pick him over Hillary and I pick Tulsi over both of em because at the end of the day

Neither Bernie or Tulsi has acted against gay rights
Bernie voted against the Iraq war,Tulsi fought in it and Hillary voted for it.

Tulsi voted for better gun control, so did Bernie
Hillary voted against it back in 2004.

Oh here's Bernie defending gay rights in 1995

@josh23452 lol, no mention of george bush getting reelected back then, basically on banning gay marriage. i also worked for a large theater company back then, and the thespians i worked with for years n years were all 'fuck this country!' and our senator's name didnt come up once. Her office being down the street.

@rafferty you obviously don't know why they call the south the bible belt. And are activities usually included simple things..Giving the LGBT kids a place to hangout and friends in an otherwise hostile school/community..Creating a dialogue between them and anyone who was otherwise ignorant of the LGBT lifestyle...Not to mention walking to classes with our LGBT students who were often the focus of violence and bullying..Reaching out to other groups in the area outside of school so that places that didn't have such a group kids would still have an open space and group to be themselves...We even organized a couple of dances that were open to LGBT couples since most schools in those areas tend to discourage them. And that's just the beginning.

So as humble as the work is I think compared to Hillary working(and being quite proud of) with Barry Goldwater,my work is a just a teensy bit more on the progressive side.

Also as far as my work in the theatre, do you know the benefits getting involved with the arts can have on a kid?

@josh23452 nope, im saying there is no supporting hillary, its too late for that. you are justifying your dropping the ball. there is no supporting tulsi, either. i do not have tulsi people breaking the door down, covering the place with tulsi stickers and giving me a tulsi tshirt. Nope. Tulsi is indignant and all that, but theres no vision. you were ok with bernie people calling some grandma a cunt but now youre ok here or something, sure man. is she offering free weed?

@josh23452 hil isnt running, the assault weapons ban extention you are lamenting was voted against for very good reasons, the bill was so compromised as to make it non effective. its why the nra was very worried about hil winning

@rafferty How exactly did I drop the ball? I think Bernie calling someone a cunt is a bit more excusable than the snafus Hillary has made.

@rafferty you're right she's not running But in regards to the o.p my point all along is that people just need to drop her and find someone new.

@josh23452 as your voter bloc has demonstrated, boys are uncomfortable with a scolding, smart, lady that they think will tell them to eat thier peas and carrots, and so here we are.... if hil can't do it, Tulsi sure as heck won't do it, even if she wears a bikini the whole time. You have no idea how fucked up America is, lol.

@rafferty see you go from making a statement to alluding I must of voted Republican and therefore don't like women in power..Your argument is..Obtuse and doesn't really make any sense...When you say smart lady

Is it really smart to announce our response to a nuclear attack on live t.v?

@josh23452 'ill be rigĥt back, 50s mom and dad, im just going to put my cotillion gloves on and go get arrested at the civil rights rally, ok?'

'ok, hillary, we'll call the mental hospital and get ready to have you committed, assuming you are not raped or killed by rednecks, see you later!"

'thanks so much, dad, i knew youd understand, you are so progressive!'

'you too, my 14 year old minor daughter! '

no inkling at how silly you sound here? lol.
you have the benefit of being a boy-man, and living now, not back then.

@josh23452 what is this 'nuclear attack' stuff you are going on about? You were in the nNavy right? Pretty sure you know and Putin knows that 1 sub from us is all it takes as far as life on earth goes. Use that 4 minutes to kiss your ass goodbye in, lol

@josh23452 bernie hasnt called anyone a cunt. his followers have though, while trying to come off as all woke and extra, and being all progressive. A bunchnof neckbeards that don't know how to vote calling some grandma a cunt. Calling Bernie an old cunt is funny, and just sounds british. doing it to hilllary saws her right off at the legs, like calling Obama an N, which is an everyday thing for both where you are from.

@josh23452 its for these reasons that i can trash your fake political concerns everytime. you are just some poser

@josh23452 id work on your states awful infant mortality rate, std rate, teen pregnancy, rate, hate crime rate, civil rights record, problems with starting/accepting the civil war, before you try to throw rocks at My Girl. Oh, youre from SC? you should have just opened with that, lol. Im sorry for you, man. You don't know anything but voting against your own interests. We live in different worlds. I live in the non snakehandlin world, sorry.

@josh23452 oh im sorry, hillary isnt running for anything. im just watching younhave a temper tantrum about her not 'going away' or something, lol.

@josh23452 i don't have to allude to anything. your state went to Don, lol. durr

@rafferty your temper tantrum has been big enough for the both of us sir..The fact that anyone would dare speak against Hillary.. You started the tantrum when you made your first response to statement about preferring someone else.. and every time you defended your gal,you've proven yourself just as bad as the average Trumper...They too like to look past his faults and try to shift focus by pointing out when other politicians have made mistakes as opposed to admitting there's a problem..

Actually I think it's hilarious you criticize my work with the gay community when I was younger while defending Hillary's work witj an anti-civil rigjts senator.. I might not be perfect but i can at least day I mever campaigned against the civil rights of another human being...

And yep even though Hillary isn't running I'd like her to go away...Its annoying to hear her constantly whine about losing...You know who didnt wrote an entire book about losing? Bernie.


The opposition needs Hillary? that is a for sure way to guarantee Trump is re-elected in 2020. just today judicial watch released that they found more juicy info from recovered emails confirming collusion between the foundation and state dept. its a race to see who gets indicted
first right now. problem is there is evidence for Trump to use to get Hillary but we know of nothing on Trump but accusations from the DNC and a DNC funded opposition research dossier that they pushed as factual. exposing the cover up right before the mid terms would be catastrophic for the dems and I hope that is exactly what happens. then we can get back to fixing the left wing an maybe have some actual lefties as the politicians this time around instead of the republicans that are running the dems now.


jorj Level 8 Apr 26, 2018

Putin won the last election. Don isnt qualified to mind a goldfish bowl. Sounds like the left wing should be fixing you, Borat

@rafferty he is 35 and born in america so he is qualified to be president. sorry your butt still hurts over it all but he won 30 states and in a representative republic that means he won. i recall the lefties tellin us BernieBros that they didnt need us to win that election...look at all of u now. crying cause u were wrong from the start to the end...LMAO and if the left wing fixing me means im gonna be a fool that believes that russia collusion story then ill pass. the programming has already worked wonders with enough of our lower intelligence citizens and the older red scare generation and we will need some people with actual common sense to fix all the problems the older generation caused by voting the same ol types of criminals in over and over for the last 40 years. u go ahead and be a puppet for the corrupt DNC all u want tho, ill pass myself.

at any point u can prove your claims about Putin by showing some evidence to it. not one single indictment has occurred linking any american to any russian collusion. the 13 troll thing is just hilarious and the most stupid move ever to try to save face for having ZERO evidence for any collusion at all.

@jorj i think you mean look at YOU now, lol. I know how to vote, "bro".

Putin and Bernie's NRA sponsors sure didnt want Hillary to win, so its no wonder that you are fingerpointing and blamshifting all over because you got suckered into sounding like Rush Limbaugh and voting for Harambe by some teenager in Macedonua that loves Kylie Minoque

@jorj well, youre either blue or youre not. Sounds like to me youre pro trump, denying Russian involvement, which is already true, , and there ya go.

No really, id just figure wed continue on expanding obamacare, regulate wall street, take a whip and a chair to putin (instead of like now, where a politically unstable Turkey is on the way to being armed with Nuclear weapons. )

Bernie himself said "now is not the time for a protest vote" and you protest voted, therefore, you are a trumpie. Lol. Try to blame the "dnc" all you want, gilligan, or get your head out of your ass and vote blue like Bernie said.

@rafferty prove that Russian involvement then, where is your evidence? the DNC funded Crowd Strike report or the DNC funded Dossier? im open to anything u got but i know this issue in nd out and at this time there is no evidence. but u can prove me wrong, im here for anything u got.

@rafferty ill vote for the person i think is best that is on the ticket. don't care who Bernie tells me to vote for. Jill Stein was the best option so i voted for her. u don't like it? change your corrupt corporate owned democrats. only reason i was with Bernie was because he wasnt bought and paid for and just because i like him don't mean i am a puppet to everything he says like the Hillary people are for her. thats what gets us in to this kind of mess. being sheeple following liars and BS lesser than evil junk. offer better or lose to Trump, i don't care either way.

@rafferty when we said BernieorBust and DemExit we meant it, even tho people like u laughed at us because you didnt need us....remember how u could beat Trump without the Bernie ppl from Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania??? how did that work out for ya? the Hillary ppl insulted us from day one so they got what they deserved and even now instead of tryin to unify the corporate dems won't accept that they lost and do some self reflection and change. just another recipe for disaster but by all means, keep on being their puppet, some of us have integrity and arent gonna vote for Wall St puppets anymore. get onboard and keep us split, don't matter to me.

@jorj not accepting election results,in what way? He is not being deposed. that is the only non acceptance that matters, mr. redhat, sir. are you that he will fail if he is made fun of or criticized? How silly, lol!

@rafferty no chance of failing, Nina and Tulsi left the DNC because of it and Dona Brazil wrote all about it in her book not to even count the emails u can read for yourself on wikileaks. i will admit Bernie turned in to a punk by not protesting it and he should have went Green with Jill and we wouldnt have Trump as president now, but he has integrity and stuck to his word.

@jorj well, if you voted for Jill, you voted for Don. You also voted for Raytheon.. And Putin, lol. wikileaks is wikiworthless. might as well just watch RT or some crap. Abby Winters drek. yes, you are a rentable voter easily bought and swayed by a few fb posts and some 50s era Russian agitprop

@jorj you are a poorly informed, id say new voter, despite your age. there is nothing to get on board with here. You are some white guy that talks about a "revolution" while gun nuts/nazi types want a different "revolution". im sorry, bro. you can't take the fast pitches on this one. even basic ones, like:

  1. where was bernie during the 80s?
  2. why were people saying he was 'with' mlk? like with him?
  3. you really think hed do ok as an nra installed senator? how bout now?
  4. what do they teach at free federal college?
  5. why all the "ooh lookit tulsi.. she was in the service..". so? why obligated to pick only women replacement do over candidates? she has no real track record. wouldnt that just open the door for ivanka or sarah palin or kellyanne or sarah huckabee sanders or jane sanders or linda tripp?
  6. what crackpot green party or libertarian weirdoes will be campaigning from the parking lot or hallway or from the kremlin this time? i love that picture of jill having dinner with the guy that set those cossacks to using whips on those pussy riot girls.

@jorj all this 'hows that work for ya??' and attempts at idk what, trying to hijack the vote, my vote, for some duffer candidate/incompetent by threatening to vote for Jill Stein Again, won't work. Pretty sure if I go, you go, which is what the people you landed us with want. Me, i know how to vote. i know this last election had more going on than just one pipeline. you should see conditions at the pipe plant. just wait till the rubber car loan bubble bursts, lol. hows that workin for ya?


@rafferty I'm sorry but ifbyoure Gina compare Tulsi to Palin or any ofnthe crack pots you mentioned then you really haven't done your research on her.

First yes she's a service member so she's gona get points from me because who better to wield the most powerful military than someone whose actually been in? Not to mention again she organized vets to go stand in front of the Standing rock protesters..Where was Hillary in that?

Sure the NRA might if installed Bernie but Hillary helped em profit when she voted down the assault rifle ban.

Hillary voted for the Iraq war, Tulsi has been pushing bills to stop the u.s from arming foreign nations.

Not to mention Tulsi has been doing a great job pushing for better environmental policies in her home state.

@josh23452 so, to all of that. i hear this stuff a lot, jingoistic nonsense. is she out there lighting it up like Obama, or is it a sort of Danica Patrick/Rhonda Rousey thing going on here w you? So she should run and not Michelle Obama or Joe Biden?

@rafferty all that typing to say absolutely nothing. u voted for Hillary and want to say im the uninformed one?

where was bernie during the 80s? talkin about the same issues he is today.

why were people saying he was 'with' mlk? like with him? they are sayin he actually was at the protests marching while Hillary was sitting on corporate boards

you really think hed do ok as an nra installed senator? how bout now? he is the most popular senator for a reason, im not for gun control like u either so sayin NRA means nothing to me. that is just works with your talkin point sheep

what do they teach at free federal college? nothing, because there is no free federal college

why all the "ooh lookit tulsi.. she was in the service..". so? why obligated to pick only women replacement do over candidates? she has no real track record. wouldnt that just open the door for ivanka or sarah palin or kellyanne or sarah huckabee sanders or jane sanders or linda tripp? i didnt say anything about Tulsi, that was the other guy but at the same time atleast she stands up for the working people and isnt owned by Wall St so she is atleast more trut worthy than Hillary.

what crackpot green party or libertarian weirdoes will be campaigning from the parking lot or hallway or from the kremlin this time? I love that picture of jill having dinner with the guy that set those cossacks to using whips on those pussy riot girls. do u also love how Bill met with Putin and gave a $500K speech right before his wife helped confirm the sell of 20% uranium to Russia? they actually do have links to the Kremlin.

truth is i am tons more informed than u and all u have done is repeat your MSM talkin points like u have said something ground breaking. the programming has worked miracles on u and your generation. keep on being a puppet all u want. the younger generations arent tools and refuse to fall in line for corporate owned P.O.S. politicians like Hillary but good for u to turn a blind eye to all of her negatives. u just help my side of the argument even more with this nothing u typed out and we will do our best to fix the mess u and the ignorant voters of your generation have left us with.

@rafferty and i didnt vote for just he pipeline issue, im not that simple minded. i vote based on many issues, all of which Hillary stands with the republicans on as proven by her record. the only thing she leans left on is the issues that are identity and SJW related and she only stands with the left on those when public opinion forces her to. notice she wasnt for gay marriage until 2013 or so. u might as well just vote for McCain or Bush if u are gonna vote for a Clinton. they are all one big group called the establishment and your needs are not part of the agenda.

@jorj i don't care if you watch youtube, and consider it news, don't seem to know much about Russian resources. Why would they need uranium? You do know larfe parts of Russia are radioactive from unbridled uranium processing, yes? no?

theres the disconnect. i know what im talking about, and am standing up for an over qualified person that ypu ,malign, while ypu are alex jonesing for aome asshole mouthed lowlife traitor. you arent allnwoke and in the know, lol. stop it npw and do your duty as citizens, bucketheads.

@jorj its easy to cry about identy politics when your identy is a white male, broseph, lol. talk about whit priv. are you going to say 'why does everything always have to be about race?' next? 79% chance of that... the only one benghaziing some talking points dossier urianium here is you.
and the other popeye redhat guy. me, im waiting to see whats on the 2013 pee pee hooker video of Don in RUSSIA that has him worried so. im sure it has nothing to do with collusion.

i wonder if the fbi will subpoena the apprentice and get the offfcut video of Donny tic tacs in between takes, acting like a racist lecher? lol...

@rafferty whats a larfe???

@rafferty divert back to Don again. tired of your whataboutism. when u have to compare your pick to Trump to even make a point u lose already.

@josh23452 america is full of stuff that makes the dapl stuff, just focusing on that , look like concern troll grandstanding, and it is. im not fucking buying it.

@rafferty no idea what u mean...stuff that makes the dapl stuff??? care to translate to english?

@jorj, @rafferty I think someone needs to get plugged back in..That last statement sense make not much.

@jorj LARGE... like your ego

@jorj hey, im just saying that you must have it pretty good under the 'lesser evil' that you don't want me to talk about him (ill talk about whatever i want, arent we all progressive and shit?)

@jorj please stop trying to quote me. youre doing it wrong, and its getting jumbled into your bernie droppings/rantings and you are making less sense than usual.

@rafferty if the quote looks wrong to u then its because u were wrong from the start. copy and paste don't change a thing. and i have it no worse under trump than i would hillary. they are both business as usual.

@josh23452 you may think that dapl is all that America is facing or something, or that a politician going and standing there forma few photos changed anything once Don got elected, but Flint hasnt even been fixed. Puerto rico. tons of shit.

@rafferty "but Flint hasnt even been fixed. Puerto rico. tons of shit. "

if only the democrats could propose bills and legislation for those problems instead of just talk about russia

@jorj both of you bullshitters should set your alarm clocks or feed the rooster and get up brightnand early .. instarted as a democrat at 3, with ,y mom, against that ratfucker Nixon, campaigning for mcgovern

@rafferty yeah and some of us have sense enough not to join either party.

@jorj doesnt sound like youre a liberal. it sounds like youre a 'its both of them, im beyond all this. i will vote for jill stein..' lol...

@rafferty lol...we will jump right on that for u

@rafferty even tho it makes absolutely no sense what u said

@jorj sorry about all the typos, tinfoil troopers.. just got a new tablet and getting used to it. i also barely give a crap about your russian fed 'sshes a goldwater girl!' objections to hillary, lol. pathetic! truly

@jorj its a gop show, why are younsaddling the dnc with all this stuff, yknow, like a trumpie would do? you guys should just do the job that youve been saying you can do some maga magic on and fix right up. all this winning is so tiring, bro, lol.

@rafferty those things about Hillary were here long before u had to blame Russia for her faults. u don't have to vote for a pseudo liberal or be tricked by their lies to actually be liberal in ideology.

@rafferty u just can't get your brain to wrap around the idea that u can insult Trump all day and it don't make a difference to we freely admit he is horrible, although he was the lesser evil of the two major parties IMO. so if i had followed the logic of u i would have had to vote for him but i don't vote for evil and instead voted for Stein. the only liberal in the race.

@jorj bills? legislation? what? no no, its way past that. you don't understand how things work. these are crises left tp rot by a dummy named don.. need about 100m to start in flint, and say, 500m in puerto rico. Don is too dumb to handle it. he dedicated a golf trophy too puerto rico, and then started shit with that mayor, being a racist and all...

@jorj yup, 'sheep', 'sheeple'... one of those nuts, lol

@jorj yes, well, you are a totally not a liberal, soooo.... it stands to reason that you are all whacked out about hillary coming for your ciVil war chess set or something

@rafferty and the dems don't push one thing to help either Flint ot Puerto Rico. and if by liberal u are comparing me to your idea of what a liberal is then, i am not a liberal at all and never will be. im not for the elites tax breaks and more wars while destroying unions and payin not attention to stagnated wages like your Hillary does. and furthermore, im not worried about her coming for anything of mine because she is a LOSER right winger and will never have any power again.

@jorj well,,'we' sure can talk tons of made up shit, to justify our guilt at bagging the most corrupt president in history. but you harambe voters sound pretty informed and legit, it must be why youve been trying to conviNce me of hillarys evil or something, lol. email crimes, lol..

@rafferty its pointless to try to convice anyone of anything in america anymore. the evidence is out there if u want to know it. and google don't charge a fee. ill agree that most of the stuff on Hillary as far as investigations go is just political theater but the server is criminal. and to hide that fact she started her own benghazi type of diversion with the russia claims and all of her people ate it up just like fox news viewers.

@jorj no, you just need psychiatric help. this stuff about 'operation mockingbird' was in the 50s if it was real at all. the internets are a bad thing for you.

@jorj whatever, trumpie

@jorj you love don lol

@rafferty you mentioned voting being about results..

Ok here are two results for you

2008&2016 The times when Hillary has lost her run for president...Doesnt it make sense at this point to look for a different candidate? You don't like Bernie ok fair enough but doesn't it make better sense to find someone who hasn't already lost twice?

@josh23452 you are new at this, lol.

"BERNIE SANDERS SAID YOU HAD BAD JUDGEMENT!!" a looming, douchebag of a trump bellowed at Hillary during the debates, currying favor with the kids, and appearing to be down with them, and for many kyle and tyler bros, it worked. Theyd never vote for no lady, lol. You two tools show that. "M-maybe Gal Godot will run!?" lol. Stop now, stop trying to tell me how to vote, and go buy more products, ok?

@josh23452 i would have gladly voted for Bernie, except he is in the NRAs pocket, and they are a domestic terrorist organization, and have been ever since they got hijacked by libertarian survivalist nutjobs back in 1977. Sorry. You need to wake up. These people hate you and your fam, and certainly hate me.

@rafferty u are the one tryin to tell us how to vote...lmao u are the one pissed that we don't fall in line with your crooks.

@rafferty i happen to love guns and im not against the NRA. they do nothing that the other PACs don't do. they give money to protect their interests. either go for all PACs or STFU

@rafferty cell phones are the cause of more child deaths a year than guns are so be consistent and ban cell phones too.


1..hence " not a liberal" lol. Yes, get in the other line withrichard spencer and dinesh dsousa, lol. Lol "crooks".

  1. Why am i not surprised that you are pro school massacre, you don't seem to give a crap if they have healthcare or a functional country or future, lol. How "liberal" of you.

  2. Yes, ban cars and pools and scissors, too. It was funny when you said that democrats want to ban unions, i guess labor unions, hahaha...

@rafferty u shoudnt be surprised because im not for anything u assume im for. im for universal healthcare that includes mental health and in turn would help more with school shootings than banning guns. i didnt say democrats want to ban unions either so u might want ot go back and reread. i said the democrats already destroyed unions and they did it when Bill and Hillary changed the party to start accepting the Wall St money and signed off on NAFTA for their donors instead of just accepting union donations and working peoples donations.


@jorj no civilian needs a tac ready ar weapon to shoot "varmints" with, kid. You can't admit your "culture" is a bunch of bullshit. You nutbirds took the gun thing too far as the NRA is calling the shots. They and you don't like America or its people too much.

Wow, Bill and Hillary sure did have a lot of power to be able to mind control businesses to do exactly what they wanted (which is not true) corporations have largely failed America and you are some bullshitter talking about "nafta". Lol.

You should look at how well gun and healthcare corps made out, lol.


But she did NOT come in 2nd... she WON the freakin' vote by millions. The bought-and-paid-for Electoral College (a foolish anachronism at best) gave the WH to Trump despite the very clear wishes of the voters.

Trump won 30 states and Hillary won 20. In a representative republic that means Trump was the rightful winner. don't know why people think we are a true democracy. true democracy sucks because the majority can rule over everything. perfect example would be the christians forcing their god on us if it was a true democracy.

How many Russian states did Don win? No, sorry, not sure whats wrong with adults that they cannot say " oh look, an invalid, tampered with, election. Time for Don Trump to go to prison."

@rafferty remember when it was the left wing crying because Trump said he might not accept the election results. now look at the same bunch of people...NOT ACCEPTING ELECTION RESULTS....lmmfao we were told by Obama that our elections were safe and couldnt be fixed...remember???


@rafferty and u conveniently ignore the primary being rigged when it was in favor of Hillary and that has actual real evidence and proof to back up the claim that it was fixed

@jorj primaries are a bunch of bullshit. Play elections. The bernie people and redhat peoples behavior during it was like woodstock 99 or nascar shit. So sad. This is the free hugs guy stopping to ask a little noy if he is ok after a mob ripped up his sign and screamed "fuck you!!!" at him. It was fucking gross.

@jorj not sure where you are trying to go with this "crying" stuff, buddy. What would you do if Don say, went to prison or was not in office anymore? Just as a question? Would you cry?

@jorj no, captain capslock, i don't accept the rsults of some tampered with election resulting in this buffoon that is unfit for office. Im sorry you think this is appropriate, edgelord.

@jorj psst. Link to some conservative rag. Do much better with me

@rafferty don't care if Don goes to prison or not, i don't like him either but he was the lesser evil so it is what it is

@rafferty and if u accept the primary but not the general then idk what to think about ya. the one proven to have been rigged is cool with u but the one that lacks evidence is a huge problem? what kind of logic is that?

@jorj nothing was rigged. its sorta like trying to stuff bitcoins in a gumball machine, john galt. You have to know whats going on. if you want America to have a parliament of green and purple people, the time to do that is 50 years ago, and not october 2016.

if you got a choice between red and blue, but you show up nobly voting for vermillion, that is just special, but you get told go go f yourself. in the general, votin for gary perot, or writing in your grandpa is a wasted voted and youre part of the problem...

@jorj wow, don is a 'lesser evil' lol... ok.. lesser than what? Caliguhitler? Get a hold of yourself.

@jorj don is like tinkerbell. you have to believe in him or he can't do his job and tweets angrily at meryl streep.

@rafferty no vote is a wasted vote, i do all i can to fix the problem and can't help that the lefties that vote for Clinton are the equivalent of the Fox News watching Trump voting right wingers. i vote FOR a candidate and not against anything or anyone. u can scream the talkin points all u want but u won't win where it actually matters, at the polls. Operation Mockingbird is now easier to prove by pointing to your posts on this very thread.

@rafferty "if you got a choice between red and blue"

that wasnt my choice tho....there was the green party and the libertarian party. no my fault u can only keep up with 2 things at once but i have the mental capacity to look at more than just 2 options when they are available. i can process all the candidates and pick the best for my interests just as i did. the democrats should have offered someone that stood for he Middle American workers instead of the coastal suburb republicans and they would have won the so called "Blue Wall" that only Hillary could lose. we might have a better outlook for the future had people like u listened all thru the primary instead of just callin us sexists and not needed to beat Trump. u can blame yourself for all Trump does because your vote elected him. if everyone had voted FOR a good candidate Jill would have won and u just wasted your vote by using it for Hillary.

@jorj im not sure what operation mockingbird is supposed to be, but it sure souounds like alex jones shit to me.

sorry, in the non cartoon world, America has a two party system. viable political parties take decades to develop. this is to keep jill stein from doing anything involving decisions for masses of people.

@jorj more actual people voted for hillary than for don. don does not give a shit about working people. nor do anymof these other crackpots that offer nothing

@rafferty "im not sure what operation mockingbird is supposed to be"

try google, i hear u can search stuff on that. and im the uninformed one here...LMMFAO

@jorj 'democrats shouldve done this, democrats should have done that...' independents should fuck on off to smurf village, or join for real if they want some sort of voice. id say its more of a vote and stfu thing, though, for you. you arent really needed that much. there are three younger and much smarter voters behind you that sure do hate trump, lol

@rafferty Don won 30 states so he won the election. she knew the rules and ignored them just like the way she ignored actual lefties and ran to the right to get more republicans. don't blame us for your picks failures. our pick didnt win and we accept that because we are adults. Obama told us the election was secure and it couldnt be fixed so u need to accept that u lost and try to fix your own party before u repeat the same thing in 2020 because of Operation Mockingbird controlling you.

@rafferty "democrats shouldve done this, democrats should have done that...' independents should fuck on off to smurf village, or join for real if they want some sort of voice"

fuck off to smurf village??? so u don't like democracy and choice i see. just only want your thoughts to be out there. how liberal of u ol wise one.

@jorj no man, it switched, were on operation cockatoo now... ffs..

@rafferty so u do no research and expect people to listen to u. Operation Mockingbird is why Jeff Bezos got $800 mil from the CIA. easy to see why your generation screwed this whole country up. the left side of that Dunning-Kruger scale is just terrifying.

@jorj lol, tell george soros he owes me 40 bucks.

what is all this 'generation stuff you keep tryi thing to throw at me, moonbeam? im way more of a radical than you, you wanted some other old white guy.

@jorj please post the link where you heard this. where you first heard this from.

@jorj stop trying to act like youre smarter than i am.

@jorj i mean, maybe you arent into god or something, but fuck off if youre a liberal, lol. 'ithink 90% of what he does is hilarious..' hyuk. shhh now. i think i hear them taking a statue down...

@rafferty please post the link where you heard this. where you first heard this from

which are u asking for?

@rafferty you wanted some other old white guy.

i voted for a woman just like u, just a decent one

@jorj about operation chinchilla

@jorj i mean, i can totally see why a liberal from kentucky wouldnt hate trump, and think hes funny 90% of the time. it just makes sense. liberals are like that.

@rafferty no such thing as operation chinchilla so i don't know what u want

@rafferty its hilarious to watch your lizard brain go crazy over him. u don't have to be politically correct and a blind follower of the democrat party to be a liberal u know. esp when the dem party is right leaning.

@jorj idk, you pretty much came off as a moron in this, saying a bunch of bullshit, and no way are you a liberal. no one said anything about politically correct or blind following, lol. youre just not one. that you even said politically correct at all, lol. take it from a sheep that knows when he sees a muttonhead

@rafferty all the left pushes is PC issues is why i said it. wow, u don't even know what your party does, good for u. atleast u admit u are a sheep.

@jorj thats right, speak of lefties, the left and sheep, and do left wing liberal stuff like that, mr. Liberal non trump supporter, lol. Seems legit.

@jorj i only admit to keeping you in chains with political correctness buddy. And keeping you oppressed with identity politics. Everyone getting healthcare and the education you didnt get was just a side thing. What i really wanted was for you to have an immigrant level job that you are unable and unwilling to do.

@jorj i don't understand why you as a liberal wouldnt be helping me push my pc agenda. Is it because most berniedudebros are mac users? Oh sorry, wrong pc. I know how you rebels are so anti corporatism, lol

@jorj with bernie, its not operation mockingbird (lol) but id definitely say cointelpro. Theyd go to bernie as a student and say " youre a great speaker, bernie. Heres what you do. Never give up. Keep on keepin on with the revolution stuff from the 60s, even when you don't have a job and live in a shack, leave the rest to us..."

@jorj thats why, if you asked bernie who Al k. Lowenstien is, youd find that he was his "mentor", and that mr. Lowenstien was murdered, shot, by a lone crazyman with no past and no family. Hmmm... Lol..

@jorj so it would be easy to set "flower person" Bernie up to be a classic CIA pied piper under how the very real cointelpro program worked (its how they caught half of the weather underground people) and you two pigeons are certainly behaving as very willing mice, lol.

Ask yourself: how would some crackpot mayor of the liberty party be allowed to go back and forth to nicuragua, cuba, russia, during a very hot cold war, during the Reagan era? Lol, i can tell you... "Allowed to" because he is an asset. An intel asset.

@jorj remember when i asked "where was bernie during the 80s?" no, for real, go have a look. Good luck!

@rafferty rip bernie apart all u want, still don't cover up the facts on Hillary. your whataboutism is strong my friend.

@rafferty "thats right, speak of lefties, the left and sheep, and do left wing liberal stuff like that, mr. Liberal non trump supporter, lol. Seems legit. "

if u don't realize the left is torn between two factions right now then u are just a fool, sorry to be so rude about it but wake up for a moment if u can.

@jorj i realized that you got democrats, liberals.. then you got woo based voters that are displaced ron paul voters, disgraced bush voters, ralph nader fans, bob barr nutjobs, all thinking that they got a do over with bernie, but then they have to talk, and its 'trump is great.. i luv me some gunz... ' lol. yknow. left wing stuff like that thar, pardner.

@jorj no need to 'cover up' rush limbaugh 'facts', bro. theyre worthless, like you voting for jill because youre all woke and luv don, lol

@rafferty u can keep on thinkin im for Don all u want. then when he is re-elected u can thank yourself for that because of these very kind of conversations. u know u can't deny any of the facts on Hillary so u got to make up stuff in your head about me then attack me with ad hominids because there is no way at all u can defend or deny the facts of Hillary. keep on leaving the division on the let as long as u want tho. people like me don't care if Trump wins again or not and we will only show up and vote FOR a good candidate. just a little less evil doesnt cut it anymore. im sure u will never learn that and continue to blame poor people with no power for all of the losses the dems take and never actually hold the corrupt party and politicians accountable for anything. but since u are so good at knowing everything about me please tell me some more stuff that u think about me so that ill know exactly who u really are. your projection is very telling.

@jorj I can predict pretty sure that your state will go for Don. You of course can afford to vote for a Green Party candidate, and then try to preach at me about poor people, unions, how i should vote, that its all my fault, make up some agitprop stuff from youtube about Hillary, that doesn't matter because she's not running for anything, and is just some woman speaking and that makes you uncomfortable or mad.

Like any GOP lapdog, you are trying to lay some sort of groundwork here with all this alleged wrongdoing by inferring that this great lady is some criminal, while of course downplaying the most corrupt administration in history as no big deal, you don't care, and you can live with it. Of course you can, White dude from the south. You can just put your red hat on and all is well. Its not like youre brown or a lady with a funny SJW haircut or anything, or a lesbian, or a transexual, or a Syrian refugee, or Mexican guy, working chopping celery lol. You can afford to piss your vote over the fence on some half assed nonsense and then try to cop it like youre all woke. Stop voting your flawed conscience. You are mistaking it with your ego.

At least you spared me a "I am a True Liberal" speech.

@jorj You don't seem to get that you ar for Don by NOT voting blue. Wishing for a magical political alternative that runs on dreams and rainbows is not a viable alternative. I am not going to go to the polls next time, and Vote for Hillary, lol. Hillary will not be running.

I won't be voting for any clown that doesnt have any substance behind them, and doesnt have a plan. Bernie had nothing. He had lofty speeches, and nothing behind them. Anyone can make empty promises, true progress requires WORK.

@rafferty i will admit that i am a white guy and Don don't hurt me, thats nothing ground breaking. now its time the lefties realize that the white guys arent gonna be voting for the ones that always tell us to check our privilege and all that BS. everyone has privileges and everyone experiences oppression. the same way minorities don't vote for republicans is equal to the same thing white guys will be doin to the dems after all the constant shouting down and silencing of any and all thoughts white guys have. just being white and male don't give anyone any certain privilege above anyone else. being born rich does however, no matter the skin color or sexual organ. once democrats offer white men and working people something they might get the vote back but for now we will just watch and laugh at u. why should we vote against our own interests? reverse racism is still racism, maybe one day the left will understand that. and yea, im a sexist and a racist for even pointing out that white guys arent just born billionaires and 99%+ are in no better condition than any other person in current times. its a shame when all u can do is accuse people of being some kind of hate filled individual because your political stance is so weak and pathetic it won't win people over with fact and persuasion.

@jorj no one is shouting, who needs to, you poor victim of "reverse racism", lol. How does that work? Black people all get together as a 77% majority somehow and deny you housing, employment, or a bank loan?

The reason you say "the lefties" is because um, youre not one? But call yourself a "liberal". I'll throw 5 bucks at youre an "atheist" to "meet chicks with loose morals" and are a baptist or some shit, lol

@jorj "being white and male don't give anyone no privledge over anyone else"

Lol, ok.. Maybe you should move....

@rafferty maybe u shoud look up the facts instead of your rhetoric

@rafferty every person has some privileges and every person experiences some oppression. that is just the facts of our society. quit living in the 1800s and come to the 2000s.

@jorj you are the one living in "one drop theory county" and saying this to me, lol. By all means, kickass progressive, please start in your hokey red state preaching this bullshit and turn it green (nope) or blue (yes) and then get back to me.

Nope, no need to for anyone to experience oppression at all. You being told by other adults to "stop saying n around me" is not the same as you being denied a job because youre black. You struggle with understanding what systemic racism is, since you put the system in place and don't know any different.

A Black Lives Matter person is there saying "please do not shoot my child while he is playing cops n robbers" and your response is "oh ALL lives matter! Dont be so uppity! My kids play with guns all the time, and its fine..."

@rafferty actually i never did say all lives matter, i agree the cops are out of control against blacks. that is were u make a fool of yourself assuming things. i never once say white people experience police oppression and never say all oppression are equal. i say we all experience oppression and think ALL, including the things that happen negative to white males, should all be part of the conversation if u want unity and a better future. the left has this thing of white men being the enemy and that is divisive and causes Trump. don't listen to me, it only serves to hurts your cause more. the fact that white men are told to shut up is racist and sexist whether u ever admit to it or not. it is not i who struggles with understanding anything, it is the left wing ideology of division and hate is is what people have the struggle with understanding because they are to lost in the BS. u expect white men who have just as shitty lives as any minority or woman to shut up and recognize the privilege that he don't have and that is the problem in our country. maybe one day the left will figure that out and they will change to humanitarian inclusive ideology so that the division they cause can heal. til then have fun losing to the Trumps of the world with your racist and sexist rhetoric. its a shame that both parties strive off of racism and division but one day we might actually get a party that don't see color and gender and actually fights any and all oppression and not pick and choose skin color or sex as a qualifier as to whether u matter in the world or not. the left of today is just as divisive and hate filled as the right wing.

@jorj i see. Its actually me telling Hillary to "Go Away", and you are just above it all, for your backup Putin happy candidate spraypainted a bulldozer. You think and have stated that an oppressor that coddles torch carrying nazis on american streets is "funny 90% of the time" , but i am subjecting you to some form of brutal "reverse racism", and can control what 77% of a population does. 30-35% of them still think Obama is from Kenya, and snuck into being president as a baby, and lots of whatever you are claiming to be also talk shit about him as well, but of course youll see fit to lecture me on racism too. I saw the same bullshit in NYC when mayor Dinkins was followed by Tooliani. Ypipo were swearing that they were victims of something, but when they articulated it, they sounded like Don, lol

@rafferty keep on ignoring it all u want. Trump 2020 lookin better and better thanks to this stuff so have at it hoss. just remember it is the ones like u that allows this to happen with your division and hate whether it is right wing hate or left wing hate. u don't want white men to be on your side so we will listen and walk away from it. why would any rational person vote for a group that ignores any and every single problem they have? the white men of the democrat party are the Jesse Lee Waterson and Ben Carsons of the left. follow the ones that hate u all u want, i choose to be a humanitarian and fight for ALL people period. either wake up to your own faults or fall with your division, not my problem. ill vote for the ones that want to represent ALL of us or ill write in my own name and just say good luck to u and the right wing. may the most hate filled and evil of the two win for all i care. im not ever voting against my own interest again and u can't shame or guilt or call me any name to make me do it and millions and millions are leaving your party because of the BS. lost 7% of the millinials just since the 2016 election. things really looking positive for u, huh?

@jorj you go ahead and find common ground with Richard Spencer and dudes that love Roy Moore and can call Hillary a c and Obama an N, or makedeath threats to those Parkland kids. It is as I said. I vote for results, you vote for your ego. At least some dummy redhat can take a side, and can stop fronting like they can be peacemaker with morons that laugh and clap about killing old people and sick poor people by messing with healthcare.

Im sorry, oh great humanitarian, sir. This "its all your fault, liberal!" and the "i don't care about your feelings, libtard snowflake!" and the other nonsense you and your redhat allies are trying to front have hardened my heart. Wont get much cooperation from me or get me into bed with pro life, pro gun, pro god dingleberries of any sort. Anti oppression coming up!

@rafferty u are so lost....screen shot me sayin anything like u claim if u are so sure of yourself. i don't play the childish games that both sides do. i think only fools use the libtard or trumpanzee garbage. u keep on hating me all u want if it helps u sleep at night but it won't change the fact that u are just a left wing Ben Carson and that your tactics elected Trump. any other assumptions u want to make u feel free to let it out, i welcome them with open arms because they are so weak and full of crap that they are comical anymore and i know for a fact u can't back up any of them with any kind of real proof so keep it coming so others can see just how weak intellectually u are. u stay in your delusions for as long as u need. ive tried to talk to lefties but they are just as brainwashed by the establishment media as the right wing people are so all they want to do is the same childish stuff as the right. u are so woke with your assumptions and racist accusations and such that i only wish one day i can be as superior as u are and be so in tune with the world that i vote against my own interests. to be that brain dead and numb to reality must be a nice existence to live in but unfortunately i am cursed with being the ol so mean bigoted, misogynist, racist, "phobic" (all of them), and anything else u want to call me.

@rafferty nice cat in the picture....lmao u prob won't even get the reference either but the irony of it is about to make me piss myself laughing right now

@jorj most redhats try to take a shot at my cat, for some reason. They think they are alpha dog people after watching jordan peterson videos or something (who also denies that white people have got some perks) My cat has a job. Do you?

Not sure why youre all bugging, and saying i am using tactics, and am responsible for don, because you feel agryand set upon by evil liberals keeping you from speaking freely, by all means, talk all you want about reverse racism, and how people are sheep, and how ypipo that can go to any college and go fet any job got it so rough. You keep talking about facts. How come 96% of prosecutors are white? Must be a fluke, lol. Along with all those black dudes doing up to 25 for a joint. Lol.

Im sorry you are deluded to think you are not in either party, but youre in the wrong state for that. You also don't seem to understand how elections work. Writing in yourself or voting for Ross Johnsonstein is a wasted vote, therefore a vote for Trump, and a vote against your own intrestwith dumb white dude, you of course think you can "live with it", as you are a poorly informed low information voter.

I neverclaimed to beyour"superior", i jjus know how america works, and also that you arent some bipartisan humanitarian. I can back up whatever i say, easy, and could give a shit what "others" you cowardly hint at might think. If they arent voting blue ro stop trump, they are as dumb as you are. Trump needs to be stopped and shit needs to get fixed. No one is interested in watxhing fucking crackpors experiment with how to govwrn 375 million people. Its great that youre a republican that smokes reefer or something. I can be right up friont about being a liberal democrat. You are some bullshit woo peddler, not even worth it for me to "hate". You somehow made it to adulthood.

@rafferty well if u can back up anything u say show me where i said all lives matter, and where i used the term liberal snowflake? and i love how u think my vote is wasted just because i don't vote for the one u vote for. i think your vote was a vote for Trump because if u had voted for Jill then she would have won. i also 100% guarantee u don't back the what i just asked u u to as well. u are no better than the right wingers who can only talk shit but never give any real facts about anything.

@jorj do you want to have a mock election? I'll bet i'll win. I want to put people back to work growing reefer, lol.

@rafferty u can do all the mock elections u want but i would rather see u source me saying "all lives matter" or "snowflakes" since u want to insult me with things like that but i also would like to see ppl put back to work growing reefer.

@jorj you deserve to be insulted, trumpie gun nut

@jorj i can quote what youre NOT saying, with all your bullshit about "the lefties" and such. Im sorry you don't like the "us and them" environmemt you are all set with and were part of creating.. You live in a state my taxes pay for with just my county, so write in whoever you like, its unlikely Kentucky will be blue or green un the next 150 years.

@rafferty trumpie gun nut followed with u saying u can quote me for what im not saying....that statement alone wins this whole debate for me. shows u are just dishonest and want to try to marginalize me with lies and BS because u know i am right about it. you refuse to admit it because of the arrogance u have shown thru this whole talk but anyine reading that will know. don't know if i should laugh at u or legitimately feel sorry for u.

@jorj you started out marginalized. There were two sides to vote for in this election, you thought, like many, that you could make a third one, but making a third one, just made a trump one, and all of this tapdancing you are trying to do is you rationalizing that choice, and saying that you were not complicit in that and saying its "my fault" or something, lol. Sure, man. You may give me a good scolding all you want about being Arrogant or whatever, but ive never had some green party person show up at my door with some detailed platform packet. its always been some thrown together bullshit that ends up in a parking lot. No thank you. I have kids, and they have a future ahead of them that is more important that either one of us.

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