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Tali-bastard orders all Afghan women to cover faces in public, or else their family will suffer, the wrath of the police of vice and virtue.
As of April 30th, the Burqa is back, in Afghanistan, but it is not the woman who will suffer if she does not cover up from head to toe (except for her eyes) it will be her closest male relative who will be warned, fined, banned from working or for persistent offenders pail time.
So men, keep your women in order, or it will be you who pays the price.


LenHazell53 9 May 28

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Further to this post from yesterday, it seems the actions of the Talibum are trend setting in the rest of the world as Iran Cracks Down On Female Beauty Salons, banning outright in the city of Mashhad the waxing of private parts, tattoos, piercing, injecting Botox, other cosmetic subdermal fillers, nail enhancements, eyelash extensions, “unconventional” dress code, and playing western music at the salons.

Other women’s hairdresser unions have announced similar bans across the country as the emboldened old farts, threaten their way back to "Traditional" values, by arresting and imprisoning beauticians and hairdressers.

However just to demonstrate "equality" men too are under fire in Mashhad for their grooming choices. Those fashions deemed “Homosexual” and “devil-worshipping” are also banned, along with tanning, tattoos, and plucked eyebrows; all deemed un-Islamic and illegal.



Hmmm seems Red States are headed in the same direction, but it's Jebus and the bible in charge..and, of course, old Men..


Coming soon to a public square near you.

No fucking joke..

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