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A good explanation on why the Russians have done a good job, so far, handling sanctions and appearingvto weather them. The article also tells why this won't last.
I would add, sanctions can take time; also, using articles from RT to say sanctions aren't working is simply sucking on Putin’s teat.


Beowulfsfriend 9 June 2

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By how many $billions & how long was America wasting its money, resources & brainpower in Afghanistan? How many $billions of armaments, ammunition & weaponry were abandoned when Biden pulled the US military out of the country?

What is the $trillions past, current & future owed by USA as reparation for the property, destroyed by it, the past, current & future lives lost because of it, the commerce destroyed by USA war, piracy & sanctions past or current? Your economist's costings are woefully inadequate & certainly denial of them is as deluded as his wishful thinking.

You talk of the time it takes for sanctions to work. The world has come to realise that the cost of American wars & sanctions require retribution NOW.


The cbc article is nothing but speculation & wishful thinking by an economist proven wrong time & time again.
I will never forget the story of NASA spending a $million to develop a pen that would write in space. The Russians didn't. They used lead pencils. Russian practicality, fortitude & pragmatism vs western ego & claimed entitlement.


Only the US and its close allies are on board with sanctions, so I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for them to work. What might work is diplomacy, but the US is prepared to fight to the last Ukrainian instead.

The Ukrainians are highly motivated. They are fighting for their right to exist as an independent nation. Is this spirit and resolve an American invention imposed upon them against their will? That seems to be what you’re implying.

@NostraDumbass I'm familiar with the heart throbbing greatest generation Cold War propaganda thank you, and I'm sure many of them are. They are actually fighting in a stupid war that could have been avoided except that Zellensky is a fool and the US wanted this war. Which is why only US client states are buying in, the rest of the world's governments see it as what it is, another in America's endless imperial proxy wars.

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