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Remember this jackass? I'm honestly fine if you want to risk your own life, but he put that whole primitive culture at risk to feed his own ego. The fact this group wants to martyr someone like that just further proves how illegitimate it is.

Edit: Their web address is [] You can't make this shit up.

OldMetalHead 9 June 18

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Shit! Is this what the Children Of God morphed into?


Oh yeah the Sentinelese love to bring out the welcome wagon for outsiders: []

*“Two days after a tsunami thrashed the island where his ancestors have lived for tens of thousands of years, a lone tribesman stood naked on the beach and looked up at a hovering coast guard helicopter.

He then took out his bow and shot an arrow toward the rescue chopper.”*

If I were a missionary I would based just on that vicarious encounter say: “Oh hell no!”.

Here’s the wiki on the Sentinelese: []

I found this thread relevant part the most poignant:
“Eventually, according to Chau's last letter, when he tried to hand over fish and gifts, a boy shot a metal-headed arrow that pierced the Bible he was holding in front of his chest, after which he retreated again.”

So not fans of the good news I see. Point taken.


If enough of these MORONS try spreading the word of Jeebus...they will ALL become dead martyrs...problem solved.

Well at least there’s a pocket of humanity who could care less about Elon Musk’s ego boosting Twitter shenanigans. I doubt they want Boring hamster tubes or Starlink connections nor do they care if we live in a simulation. Good for them!


I remember!


Hot contender for top Darwin Award.

skado Level 9 June 18, 2022

A part of me feels sympathy for people like this. They themselves are victims of the God Virus, having most likely been brainwashed while young and vulnerable by the environment into which they were born.


He should be remembered for what he was: a dangerous dickhead.


Wow. Even if these people persist in their delusion that he was doing "god's work" by imposing himself on a people who specifically did not want outside contact, they should acknowledge that he was breaking the law to do so. Give it another year or so and I'm sure they'll rewrite his story to make him out as even more of a hero.

Lauren Level 8 June 18, 2022

It's disgusting, but then again, so much of christianity is.

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