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SCOTUS told the public what they are coming for next, "not being alarmist." Marriage rights; being gay; contraceptives.

Beowulfsfriend 9 June 25

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Not at all. NOT SCOTUS, rather (and more correctly) ONE Justice. All the other concurring Justices said exactly the opposite.

And, I'm so relieved none of them lied to Congress and we can trust them.

@Beowulfsfriend So you are saying you have mind reader knowledge of what 4 different people said? Did you even consider the reason they said it?

@Alienbeing You talk funny. Of course I know why they spoke and cried like they did - so they can strip women of their reproductive rights.

@Beowulfsfriend Your reply avoids the point. Where do you get your mind reading ability?


This is an illegitimate court. Three perjured themselves to be on it, one refuses to admit his interracial marriage is part of what he's trying to completely eliminate....we need to overturn the GOP. VOTE THEM OUT.

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