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I thought I'd share this that my daughter wrote about the Roe decision:

Laying here last night thinking about the unraveling rights of women. It got me to thinking about my own life circumstances. Pregnant at 17 the first time, my child's grandma's immediate response to the news was to tell me to abort my child because if I didn't our lives would be altered majorly. I thought, how dare her try to dictate what I should do with my body, my child. She was so mad in fact that she did not attend her son's graduation, wedding, or her grandson's birth. She did not meet him until he was 5 months old. I chose to keep my baby...key word...CHOSE.

Two and a half years later, I was 20, pregnant with our 3rd child (I was married, it was a planned pregnancy-not that I should have to validate my life choices). At 12 weeks I went to a routine checkup, and the doctor could not find a heart beat. So, with an ultrasound, it was discovered that my pregnancy was measuring 11 weeks and I had miscarried. I was again given choices...1. Pass the baby naturally whenever body needed to at home. 2. Take meds to induce the passing of my baby at home. 3. Go to the hospital for a D&C where they would remove the remains for me.

I was a stay at home mom with a 1 and 2 year old babies. My husband at the home would have returned to work and I didn't think a miscarriage at home with babies would be good for my mental health or for my babies well-being. So I CHOSE the D&C. This process is the same as an abortion. What was done recently puts women at risk. Even women with "spontaneous abortions" (aka natural miscarriages)- doctors will be hesitant to offer D&Cs because they may be accused of performing abortions. I personally cannot imagine how I would handled things without that procedure.

These two circumstances cover the pregnancies in my life, but do not include the instances abuse/rape that could have resulted in a pregnancy that I could not have dealt with.

I think it is ridiculous that someone would force their preference on anyone. Just because abortion is legal doesn't mean YOU have to choose to have one or even like someone else having one. Also, it being illegal won't make someone else choose NOT to have one. It may keep them from doing it safely. People should be able to make decisions that are in their own best interest.

JonnaBononna 7 June 26

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Thank you for sharing that. Your daughter's words would mean nothing to the dangerous wretches in SCOTUS, nor would they mean anything to Mike Pence.


Yes, CHOICE is the key word. No one WANTS an abortion, but sometimes it's the best choice for the bigger picture and no one can choose that for another.

How many children are the religious right sacrificing to gun fire for the "bigger picture" of no restrictions on who can own assault rifles? These are children whose parents love and want them, have invested time, love and money, and didn't abort them, but still had to sacrifice their child to the right wing politicians who are being funded by the NRA.

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