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New godbothering SCOTUS strikes again as they side with the high school football coach who lost his job for publicly praying after games and forcing none Christian players to join in.
Joe Kennedy former coach of the Bremerton School claimed to have been told to pray in private as public prayer on government property violated the First Amendment, while Kennedy claimed the school had violated HIS first amendment right to free speech and free religious expression.

The school district, meanwhile, decided Kennedy's postgame prayers likely violated the first amendment establishment clause, which prohibits the government organisations from endorsing a religion.

"People of faith or no faith, everybody has the same rights," Claimed Kennedy "and that is what the Constitution is all about, It's rights for all Americans." or at least those who don't disagree with him.

The case had already been decided against both at state and Scotus level 3 times previously, but after the overturning of Roe V Wade, Kennedy felt empowered to ask the new supreme court of Trump for another trial and was granted it, and this time won.


And Justice for all folks

LenHazell53 9 July 30

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I call them SCROTUS now

Sounds about right to me

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