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Judge Aileen Canon (Trump appointee) grants Donald Trump's request for special master, halts government review of seized Mar-a-Lago documents and may order some documents RETURNED to Trump as HIS property until such times as ownership can be determined???????

I have to say WTAF, is the law in America fucking stoopid!!!!!!

Or is it totally corrupt!

We now also know why Trump filed this request with Judge Aileen Canon, (who is not even involved in the case). Because if this goes to the DOJ Appeals the High Court Judge who will carry out the appeal is the appellate judge for Florida and that is Clarence Thomas!

This has all been planned in advance


LenHazell53 9 Sep 5

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There is no good reason for this judge to grant this stupid request from Trump. Trump is just delaying things and this judge is aiding and abetting him.


She's a Trump lapdog now..why you think he went outside his jurisdiction..judge shopping is a old fashioned tradition in criminal cases..especially for rich old white men..

She has no business on the bench, just like every other trump appointee. Trump is too stupid to know anything about the people he appointed. They're handpicked by right-wing think tanks because of their ideology, regardless of any lack of experience.


I'm thinking he wishes to delay until natural causes solve it. I don't think he will be successful. It will be a litmus for holding American presidents accountable.

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