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i'm a retired Pharmacist who grew up in North Dakota, but have lived in the Chicagoland area since graduation. I enjoy dancing, cooking, eating good food and hugging. It would be fun to have a like minded person to take dancing and to good movies regularly; its not as much fun alone. I think summerdance is amazing as is the Art Institute and just summertime in Chicago. i am a believer in the value of regular Tai Chi, yoga, daily exercise, eating and sleeping well. I enjoy playing ping pong, tennis, golf and volleyball at a higher level than i did twenty years ago. NPR 91.5 is the first button on my FM radio. I could be talked into spending a month or two in Del Ray Beach, Florida in the winter. i grew up near water and love swimming, snorkeling, sailing and kayaking. I play bridge Friday afternoons at the Woman's Park building in the south Loop. I am looking for a good woman who is also looking to share in a caring monogamous relationship. i am open to the next surprise in my life. I am insatiably curious and an optimist! I am kind and confident and have a lot of life to live yet. I'm looking for a woman who loves life and herself. Dancing on the carpet at home is a good way to end the day.
i'm looking for ?saudade even geborgenheit?! i prefer to find a woman who lives in Chicago, the south Loop is even better so i can run over and have dinner awaiting her arrival on a particularly tough day. Ross

rosscann 5 Dec 6

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