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Trump is a blithering idiot and he must think his base are idiots.

nogod4me 8 Sep 22

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It’s a race to the bottom.


He is and they are.


I thunk dem declassifiedifuhcated..that's all I hadda do..yup just thunk it an it's done..
And Hannity just ahhuh him then Trumpty said the magic word.."Hillary"..lololololololololol


Dumb & Dumber, on tape.


Have you heard Biden trying to read a teleprompter???

Have you ever read your own posts when you’re sober?


Have you watched TV?

@CourtJester I watch American politics all the time. Makes me grateful that I live in Canada.

Canada? That explains a lot.

@CourtJester It explains why we have a safe, sane, healthy democracy and you don’t. It explains why a lawless retard like Trump is worshipped as the second coming of Jesus by almost half your population, but couldn’t get elected garbage collector up here. It explains why Christian neo-fascists like DeSantis, Taylor-Greene, Boebert and so many others gain power and popularity in America, but would be jeered out of the public square in 🇨🇦 Canada. Basically, it’s the difference between a first world country and a banana republic.

You elect garbage collectors up there???


The lower he goes, the lower his followers go.

Very true


Yes he is, and of course they are. Half of Americans have a lower than average IQ by definition, and those who have that unlucky distinction plus lack of empathy, worship Trump. That's my take on it, anyhow.

@linxminx It's my opinion that Trump and his followers are worse than scum for what they have done to our country. If you want to call me an elitist for condemning the greed, violence and removal of rights in America, go ahead. Let's see you defend these people and what they stand for. It's your move. They worship a golden calf. Maybe you do too.

@linxminx []
There ya go, Linxminx. You asked for it. I know Trumpers often refer to Dems as 'elitists' for our opinions. Well, here is some support for such opinions.

@linxminx People vote. Ideas don't.

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