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People DIDN'T want to vote for JFK because he was CATHOLIC...people were afraid that the CHURCH WOULD TRY TO CONTROL THE US GOVERNMENT...and NOW SCOTUS and the likes of MTG think RELIGION should be the rule of law...smfh...we need another JFK...BAD

phoenixone1 8 Sep 23

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Kennedy was clearly good at compartmentalizing his life and he did a good job of it with the help of the press.
We know a free press is as important to Democracy as is the Rule of Law. In order to understand that concept we need education. This how we ended up with certain members of scotus and mtg.
Anyone who knows this must speak out and never stay quiet.


I remember the controversy, it was a real fear, and not just in rural areas as suggested below, as it was (and should be now!) Well-known that religion, and the RCC in particular, was Very much about control.....


My great grandfather almost disowned my grandfather when he told him he voted for JFK. Not for political reasons, but because he was catholic. I wasn’t around then but I guess it was quite a controversy in rural areas back then. 🙄

It was an issue in the burbs also. I do not know if my Dad was out about being an atheist at the time Kennedy ran for president. My Dad was the youngest of a very Catholic mom and a seriously druck and abusive father. As the youngest he was slated for the priesthood, clearly that did not work out and we were raised with mom's religion, Methodist, which I called bullshit on when I was aound 12.
All that said, I remember the real concern about this when at one time I heard my parents talking at the kitchen table. I was only about 10 at the time and about as politically aware as a clam but I could sense the concern over this issue.

@silverotter11 I was 8 when the first televised debate took place. I remember watching the Debate and thinking that Nixon looked VERY uncomfortable in front of the camera. I admired JFK immediatly because he was so focused. JFK was also a war hero. All these things played into mine and so many others emotions. He had a calm, focused intensity about him that invited you to trust him. He was a Leader and YOU KNEW IT. Nixon was intelligent...that was obvious, but so was JFK, but, JFK had VISION. His Inaugural Address inspired the nation and gave us hope for a better world. He and Jackie brought charm and grace to Washington...something we sorely needed. I look for leaders of this mold, but I only see shadows. We are in desperate times with no one that stands out. Washington is a collection of actors, criminals, con-artists and clowns with the fate of the Nation and the World crashing down on their heads...and they refuse to "LOOK UP".

@phoenixone1 You are correct about there being nothing but a bunch of crooks, liars and thieves being the predominant make up of WA DC these days. Adam Schiff and Jamie Raskin appear to be stand up guys and Katie Porter is not someone ya want to mess with she always comes prepared.

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