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If we are to be concerned about "annexation", why are we not concerned about the USA's ILLEGAL annexation of the WHOLE COUNTRY of UKRAINE? We all know that the 2014 coup was backed by the USA, and Zelensky is nothing more than a puppet for the USA, remember the recording of Victoria Nuland, selecting who would become the leaders, and saying "Fuck the EU"? Americans have short memories, and the prestitites in the mainstream media are so busy telling new lies that the truth gets drowned out, and they are so busy lying that they can't keep their lies straight. What about the US Corporate Takeover of Ukrainian Agriculture?
This, by the way, is the clown the USA government has such a hard on for, that they are sending 40 Billion more of our tax dollars to. . . .

Archeus_Lore 7 Oct 1

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Or Israel's conquest and annexation of the Golan Heights. Or Morocco's conquest and annexation of Western Sahara. Or NATO's utterly illegal separation of Kosovo from Serbia. America: "Do as I say, not as I do."

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