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A Connecticut teacher taught a class that "History" meant "his story"

And anyone that looks at a dictionary it usually shows it's of Greek origin..

Connecticut had a female teacher that molested me when I was 14yo . Knew of another it happened to by another teacher.. I think the same teacher that said history was his story..

Yeah , Connecticut is full of crazy ,down right horror film like personalities

It's not all bad , I mean it's not everyone.. just wow ..

I have to leave I can't live here anymore,my father has become a radicalized leftist that is being more emotionally abusive than usual cause of that , he already suffers what I diagnosed as historonic ,he has the traits,it's really abusive to deal with .. my ex gf had bi polar , same cluster of personality but she also had PTSD , he's been like this since he was a child.. I was told stories how annoying my cousins side of Their family felt about him ...

My mother thanked me for having to stand up to him... I really can't stay here abu longer .. my mom is gone...

I had to come back because I had to break up with my ex because she got violent..

I hope to get out of here calmly...

The emissions test has thrown my off a bit,wasn't sure how it worked with the dates ,and didn't feel
Like rushing.. still don't... Connecticut made me wait months to be able to get my driver's license... I so hate Connecticut.. the anxiety from it is so annoying...

I should be able to afford everything even if I need a new catalytic converter .. and I gotta drive my car more to like no where just to burn gas so the engine lights hits off I hope ,.can't wait till I can get out of here ..

It's so stressful to deal with this ..

laidback1 6 Oct 13

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