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I think prostitution is a soft form of rape. Piracy was the first profession and then prostitution was the second..

Of course some men can argue that they actually have a choice but did they have a choice in Okinawa? Did they really? War torn ,with another nation dictating your society?

The women really get the opportunity to work a profession or to find a man who could care for her ,or have a father to ? In that society?

Or any society that has problems that makes prostitution possible,as well as piracy...

I consider the men are rapists who have paid for sex , especially in places that are poor (if rich people want to have it as a fetish , so be it )

My father a proud Connecticut "citizen" is always bragging about how many women he got to rape in Okinawa ... Fucking scum ..

I can't wait to get out of here .. fucking emissions test is the only thing keeping me here.. I hate that I gotta stay longer ,but I'm not rushing,when I drive enough to empty my tank and see if it helped ,if it didn't I gotta make an appointment and hopefully it will be quick and not expensive..

I have tried my best to be cordial and civil with him ,but it just doesn't work ...

I hate his personality ,I hate what he believes,I hate that he brags about raping women ,I hate that my mom didn't leave him ..
I stayed last couple years because my brother needed me to stay here & the first year couldn't get my driver's license,fuck you Connecticut ,& I so can't wait to get out of here

laidback1 6 Oct 14

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Sexual colonialism, as it is sometimes called, is certainly a form of rape. Though I am not sure that it applies to all prostitution, the one thing that you can always say about the human condition is that it is very diverse, and that almost every imaginable state of life you can imagine, almost certainly exists. There are certainly many female prostitutes who regard themselves as exploiters of men, that fact has been well documented by good anthropological studies. Though it is true, that it is probable that it is more common for the buyers to be the exploiters, taking advantage of economic differences. And at the same time though it is not a mutually exclusive thing, in that it is perfectly possible that both sides in a single transaction can both regard themselves as the exploiters.

What however is certain is that, both the men and the few females, who buy the services of prostitutes are deluding themselves, by imagining that the act has anything to do with sex in a meaningful social sense. Any interaction between a client and a prostitute is in effect just a form of mastrubation, ( And a dangerous and expensive form. ) which does not involve any form of enhancement of the relationship, or equal mutual wishes to give pleasure, as most sex would, and usually has nothing to do with reproduction. Though were it does that last, it is certainly rape. Perhaps you can find some comfort in remembering that most of the women who your father boasted about exploiting, probably regarded him as a complete fool, behind his back at least.


In those very poor societies where women seem to have no choice humans of all genders are exploited. I agree that men who take advantage of the defenseless are sickening but I'm not sure I would call it rape. Exploitation yes- rape though is iffy.

Either way one looks at it ,like you said it's sickening


What's choice got to do with it? I didn't chose to be born. I didn't chose where and when I was born. You didn't chose to have to get an emissions test. Face facts, some people simply view themselves as victims no matter the circumstance. Others don't. Again, choice. I'm not saying rape doesn't exist, it most certainly does. What I'm saying is lack of choices one is in love with doesn't equate to rape.

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