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Arizona GOPer arrested for knob-polishing in a truck near a preschool in Surprise, AZ

"On October 4, Randy Kaufman — a GOP candidate running for a local college district governing board — pulled into a parking lot in Surprise, Arizona, to attend to some personal business. He came to the attention of a cop who happened to be driving by. And it was indeed a hell of a surprise. I will let the police report provide the details

"On 10-4-22 at approximately 1640 hrs, Randy Gene Kaufman was observed by Maricopa County Colleges PD officer Gilbreath #000389 in the east parking lot of Rio Saldo College, Surprise (12535 West Smoky Dr. Surprise AZ) sitting in a maroon Ford truck knowingly engaging in sexual conduct by fondling/manipulating his fully erect nude penis in a reckless manner where a reasonable person viewing his activity would be offended or alarmed by the act. Kaufman was contacted, arrested, and cited for public sexual indecency."

It seems Kaufman was so desperate to get a load off that he did not notice he was less than 200 feet from, and in full view of, the Wirtzels Preschool and Daycare Center — where several small children were playing outside. He also did not notice that bicyclists and pedestrians were passing by.

Why are these perverts almost always Republicans? Does conservatism make you a sexual creep? Or does being a deviant make you conservative? Predictably this wanker is a hypocrite blind to who the real sinners are.

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nogod4me 8 Oct 20

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10 to 1 he's an Incel..or a Sub, ordered by his Domme to jo in public..

Really? I learned something here everyday.

@BitFlipper glad I could help..


It's quite possible they try to abstain or deny their kink and masturbation seems like a harmless activity. Obviously small kids possibly catching him (and being interested?) is a likely turn-on. Dems are likely engaging some kinks, too, but we're more community minded and, therefore, less likely to engage activity which is harmful to anyone (other than ourselves or consenting partners). It's easier for us to find partners in a bar or gay gym, as well, since we have less problem with those.

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