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The Vaccination Programs will cease shortly. We are going to see millions of dollars worth the vax heading for toxic waste disposal. People are rejecting the jabs en mass.
'Strongest Bastion of COVID-19 Agenda in Canada Giving Cracks at Foundation
Namely Quebec: an open letter of 96 physicians...'
If even Quebec sees this pushback to the Covid-19 agenda, something is really changing in a fundamental way, I hope: “An open letter to the College of Physicians of Quebec and the General Directorate of Public Health of Quebec” (2022.10.19). A nice recap of the up-to-date situation, if nothing else. But making 96 doctors sign it is a huge achievement in itself:

Concerning the information to which parents are entitled in order to authorize or not the injection for their child of an mRNA-based gene product in Phase III testing.

BDair 8 Oct 21

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