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Been wondering, the Republican Party is supposed to be the party that is against and postulates methods where people who do not comply with the Law are punished. How many people are going to vote for the Republican Party when it is the Republicans that have played the Law, done everything to over throw the Government? How many people are going to vote for these people when they do not do anything but believe in a lie and promise to overthrow the next election? How many people who are over 62 are going to vote for Republicans who now say they will do away with the 2.75 trillion, trillion that is dollars that the Social security fund is supposed to have in it but that has been spent by the republicans for a war, tax relief for the most rich in the nation and raising the amount all the poor people will have to pay to make up for the deficit. They have shown through the Bush years and the years of Trump that they have absolutely no plan to do anything that will improve the economy, will do nothing to help those who have been laid off due to work being sent off shore. The republicans say what they are going to do if they are put into office, and I would agree that if they get into office they will try to do everything they can to make the rich richer and the poorer pay for it. Vote the bastards out of office and do not allow these people to hold any office. Remember we get who we vote for!

dalefvictor 8 Oct 25

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It's Always been their plan..and will dumbassed Old White People vote Rethuglican.. Of Fucking Course they will, cause they're old White dumbasses that believe all the bullshit the Rethugs say..well except for the educated old white people..hell I have a hard time voting for Dems..

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