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What does CDC director Dr Walensky , Bill Gates, Biden&wife, Fauci, Trump&wife, Trudeau&wife all have in common? They are the greatest examples of what vaccinated dose to them and the public. And the greatest loudspeakers of covid. They have been fully vaccinated and caught covid from twice to five cases of covid. Plus they have been fully vaccinated from 3 to 5 times. About 68% of Americans are fully vaccinated with half the nation with covid.
Whole continent of Africa with 13% vaccinationed with 4 times the population of the US and US has 4 times the covid deaths than Africa.

I love to follow good example of people's road record in life. Not the worst example of people in my life time of the worst human experiments ever and destruction of all levels in life except for the super rich. I'm sure these puppets master of the 1% that order these political leaders are not vaccinated at all. Wail giant corporations polluting far greater in their private jets and corruption than all of the poorest half of the world population. If these are the example of your comfortable lies. Then, I'd rather lead my own life with the uncomfortable truths. And be a lover. And not a fighter of over crowded of us against them continually.

Castlepaloma 8 Oct 26

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your propaganda is amusing if not stale

Governments and your owners can create propaganda. I don't use slaves or sheep, and just tell people to think for themselves.


The 'vaccines' do not prevent infection or transmission. They never did, not even in their own trials.

BDair Level 8 Oct 27, 2022

Most keep getting fooled, time after time.


I'm quickly losing any interest in the subject. Vax, don't vax, shoot yourself to avoid getting sick, IDC. Each of us is of no greater importance than dust in the wind so it doesn't matter.

I value my family and I'm better than that.

@Castlepaloma Whatever you think, dude.


Don't have owners bossing me around all the time.b I'll keep doing that, thinking for myself. Do whatever you think too.


The entire continent of Africa has 3.5% of it's population being 65 years and older. The United States has 17% of it's population being 65 years and older. Covid causes way more mortality in older people. You need to take every detail into account rather than cherry picking details to to arrive at a conclusion you wish to be true. Find a population where the demographics are comparable to those in the US.

Over the pass 40 years different countries in Africa have been lncreasing from 20% to 40% their life span. Where the US has lowered life expectancy by 2 years. Because of China many of the countries in Africa have doubled their economic per % growth over the US. Wail US empire is collapsing and getting worst everyday. From living in the US for 25 years and touring most of Africa, I've experienced it first hand. Africa has learn that vaccines for malaria and Aids have only increase the death rate in Africa. And it was a no Brainer be the lowest by far in covid vaccines. Even compare to Europe, per capita Europe has 15times the covid deaths than Africa. I would move to a place where the health and economic growth are rapidly increasing. Rather than deal with an police state and last history of a G7 world war 1, 2, and now 3 terrorist world order attack now worldwide. The US prisons have increased 10 times and has 25% of the entire worlds prisoners. The 90% of the world population is not going to take it anymore. Sorry, it all written on the wall and this will fail even worst than world War 1 and 2.

you can't reason with a NotSee science denier


It's first by Big Pharma, politicians and media. We have to wait for 75 years for answers that the CDC got, on their science. I've worked professionally with biological sciencist, Science is certainly not onesided like Fauci.

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