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Wise words from Zack Bush, MD
'Bridge building is our future. It is the path forward.'

'It is so challenging to grasp and make sense of what is happening in the world as the decline of human and planetary health fall in unison. These times are uncharted territory in the scale of instabilities.
It is time for a global revolution -- an evolution of human identity and behavior to come into harmony with nature to change everything. In the face of these grave challenges, the words of Delores Huerta, seem to provide a beacon forward, “There has never been a successful revolution that did not begin with the farmers."
I am confident that it is not software engineers, politicians, or electric cars that lead us to this evolution. The farmers and their effort towards future food security and independence for all peoples is the rallying point for all of us with an interest in a future for humanity.
Our farmers worldwide are in a crisis. They are lonely, isolated and starving in a world that is thriving with an abundance of food that we've never seen before.
A glance at the latest headlines will tell us the future feels dismal. That is, until we come back into connection. We need to start to build bridges between the soil and the plants again.
The life force within our food is lacking because we have forgotten the life force in the soil.
We have turned our soil into a chemical stew where we reduced the most complex living systems of earth to a few chemical nutrients but not a living life form. We plowed it and we chemicalized it, and have lost the living variety of the soil; and therefore, the living force within our food system is collapsing. And because of this, we see human health on the brink of collapse.
We have an explosion of chronic disease that has occurred over the last few decades, and it has correlated perfectly with the destruction of nutrients and the vitality within our soil systems.
And so we have a choice. We stand here, in a pivotal moment, together
We can keep marching into our extractive loneliness or start to build bridges. We will either bring ourselves into alignment, or we will march into our loneliness and our disappearance.'

BDair 8 Nov 3

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