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Only time in my life, I had a lack of freedom is during Covid. It feels like only 10% of people truly want freedom.

How many want to declare a pandemic amnesty now?. Lest we forget:

Howard Stern (known for his Jewishness) called out ‘imbecile anti-vaxxers to go f–k yourself’!
Senator Arnold Schwarzeneggerger (son of a Nazi and Holocaust apologist) said ‘screw your freedom’!
Juliette Kayyen (member of Tree of Life synagogue) demanded that anti-vaxxer ‘face isolation, fines, and arrests’.
The list goes on, all these were first in line to recognize and oppose the persecution and tyranny we witnessed throughout the world over the past 3 years?

For Emperor leaders of the darkside , who had vowed to protect liberty and democracy. The public did not protest. Neither were they silent. Rather they cheered and applauded – willing to sacrifice their hard won freedom for meager scraps of security and vague promises of stability and prosperity. Now heartbroken with all the sacrifices of friends and loved ones had made were ultimately futile.

Some may identify me conspiracy theorist. Yet everything I'd said for the pass 40 years keeps coming true and still warming people about dangerous lethal injection. I didn’t call the cops on my neighbor for not wearing a mask. Or refused bedside visits to dying family, or little old ladies. Its not my kids with weird heart diseases, because I forced them to get jabbed to ‘save lives’. Because I Work for freedom and love. to all the vaccine believers: I say Go get yourself another booster (or two if you can).Please. Do it for the common good. Give it all to the media, bansters, big Pharma and Governments. Call it :We the Government: Trust the greed and artificial world and give them your international amnesty forever
I give to :We the People:
My naturalpath doctor is 108 years old from my second home in Belize and I trust. . I'll work on the other kind of personal growth by way of healthy food/medicines, freedom and affordable housing.

Why keep supporting the tyrants?

Castlepaloma 8 Nov 4

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Even the people of the 14th century understood masking and social distancing, they just did not understand bacteria let alone viruses. The plague can be spread by breathing in the bacteria or from flea bites.
I'm not sure which was more disturbing, reefer trucks lined up in the street for the dead or the idea we just let it run rampant since it seemed the only ones getting ill were the elderly or immune compromised.
No actually it was elected officials trying to normalize the idea of letting the elderly sacrifice their lives for the better good of the economy, ya know the wealthy.
The consequences of either choice are going to be felt for a very long time. I do know the U.S economy has bounced back pretty well, aside from the big corporate price gouging. You do have your health, unlike the people who are dead or now suffer the long term issues from the virus infection. Not all the folks who died or have long COVID lived unhealthy life styles.

People died of unhealthy sanitation conditions related with animals back in the 1400s plague, it was obvious people dropping died from one cause. CDC reports covid deaths with only 6% purely covid virus along with 94% or at least 4 other health conditions a person could of died from. About 76% over age 80 or obesity.
More people die of poverty than anything, so economy is most vital for sanitation conditions. The rich live much longer and that is not equal in any way.

Economy will sink closer to a third world level conditions as the US lowers its life span by 2 years. Everything is collapsing around them.

My unvaxxed circle community, had zero covids. At least test the vaccines on animal first, with result where the animals survived first.

Problem is a lot of the aged community are also the wealthy. Yes, it's bounced back but mostly due to Democrats. We will end up in a swamp again if republicans take over.

@JackPedigo It's proven people do not choose to be poor. Every trope we hear from the conservative right about the lazy wellfare queen, they're going to take your job away or just pull yourself up by the boot straps has been debunked and intelligent thinking people know this.
Sadly too many in positions of power still use those nasty tropes to stay in power.
All that aside, over population or climate disasters will continue to worsen so it's a toss up as to what will thin the herd.

@silverotter11 Maybe some don't choose to be poor but many do so because of sheer stupidity or laziness. A lot of people who believe the crap from conservatives are poor and simply looking for someone else to blame.


Politicians is a delusion of human rights and free trade, and the blame game doesn't work, we are all in this together. No matter of right or left as it's the same puppets of the monopoly mafia megalomaniacs wealthy are running the worlds freak show. When super wealthy people like the Queen , Rockefeller, Rothschild and Henry Kissiger hierarchy are dying off. A better way of thinking and consciousness will be mostly replacing them. How that will turn out, probably nobody really knows.

@JackPedigo It may appear that way but a lot has to do with what you see and learn growng up. It most definately started with how social safety net programs, new zoning laws, housing and how tax dollars were dispersed for all those programs needs. The people of color in the south excluded from GI benefits, redlining, better funding of education to the white areas, etc. If you're not exposed to good budgeting, education and opportunities it's hard to advance. One of the biggest issues to wards homelessness started under reagan when mental health facilites were shuttered.
Hell when I was working in the early 1990's in a printing shop one of my co-workers, an Iranian guy whose family fled during the whole Shah thing asked me how I had money left to put into savings at the end of the week or month. I said, budget, paid the needed stuff first, the bare bones basics, watch for sales, don't buy shit you don't have the money for or only do lay away cause even at that time credit cards were starting to get people into serious trouble.
BUT if you only have enough to a single roll of TP at the local 7-11 because you never have enough to shop for better deals you almost can never get ahead.
It started with defunding education. Uneducated people are suckers and they don't even know they're being played. The welfare cycle is not entirely to blame, it's the laws that kept the poor especially people of color from accruing generational wealth and ALL the economic policies since reagan have been directed at going after the white middle classes meager generational wealth and adding it to the bank accounts of the already weathy. All IMHO 😁

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