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Elon Musk is horrible for what he is doing at Twitter AND Biden’s economy is doing so well!!!

I love it. Those democrat policies are economic builders. Keep doing what you’re doing!!!!

CourtJester 7 Nov 16

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Only a true clown could celebrate failure, CJ never never fails to live up to their name.

Nothing at all wrong with enjoying opposing views failing.


That's a stretch, even for your feverish mind. Still licking your wounds and your guns after the mid terms, are ya?

What's happening at Meta book and Nittwiter is called unfettered American capitalism, the thing you love.


I could give a shit less if Twatter goes the way of MySpace.,…..same with disgracebook and whimpstagram.

I love the unemployment happening

@CourtJester I don’t want to see anyone lose their job…..,,,I just have a disdain for some social media sites.

@CuddyCruiser I love the unemployment happening.

And you posted that statement on a social media site.

@CourtJester I know……like I said… certain sights, not all


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