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Trump's conservative base deserting him for DeSantis - poll


xenoview 8 Dec 14

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You can count me as one of those who support DeSantis over Trump. I would also support Cruz or Pompeo over Trump. The only way I will vote for Trump is if his opponent is a democrat as he was a hell of a lot better president that Biden and would be better than any looney democrat.

Truck Fump.


That's a head to head matchup. With multiple candidates, Trump will hold onto his 30-35%.


Boo hoo. For the first time in his miserable useless life, he's not 'WINNING'


Now, if we could just rid ourselves of Deathsantis, that would be great.

DeSantis will likely be elected president in 24. People will be sick and tired of the crazy democraps by then.

@Trajan61 I'm already sick and tired of pathetic republicans. They're fucking evil.

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