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The 14th Amendment of the US Constitution, Section 3 clearly states what to do when there is a COUP attempt! Hence Sedition provoked!!!

121 members of the US Congress and Senate voted to illegally VOID the votes of 160 million US voters of the November 2020 election on January 6th 2021!!!

On The 8th November 2022 these 121 members all republicans whose complicity helped by their direct participation actively stage a SEDITIOUS COUP to commit SEDITION were rewarded by the voters of their mostly Gerrymandered election Districts by returning them to the Congress and the Senate of the United States!!!

Yet so far the other 400 members of the Congress and the Senate have DONE nothing to STOP these SEDITIOUS TRAITORS from assuming office if the 14th AMENDMENT of the US CONSTITUTION is not INVOKED!!!

By the the inaction of the other 400 elected LAW MAKERS of the CONGRESS and the SENATE who were elected to UPHOLD and SWORN to UPHOLD the our US CONSTITUTION,
Have not so far stopped these SEDITIOUS TRAITORS from illegally assuming office!!!

If these Obstructionist regressive republican fascists are allowed to obtain their political position by illegally breaking their OATH to Support and Defend the US CONSTITUTION our votes, our very way of life will no longer exist or be viable!!!

I am not the only one, the rest of you have the obligation to stop these TRAITOROUS politicians from taking office they are illegally assuming!!!

The Article below goes into distinct and directly too the core of how these republican politicians no longer have the right to hold any elected office in this country!!!


of-the-mountain 8 Dec 16

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